Vision & Mission


To inspire foreign language and intercultural competence in persons of all ages and nationalities by being the #1 Teacher Training Hub and a major educational force in English Language Training in the Middle East.

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To provide high quality educational services in Cairo and its surrounding communities and to assist teachers in applying the principles of communicative ELT methodologies within region.

What is Our Aim?

We are convinced that foreign language skills as well as knowledge and acceptance of the differences between countries and cultures are central prerequisites for improving communication and working with one another.

The mission of IH Cairo is therefore to Contribute to increasing communication and exchange between different cultures. We aim to provide a friendly, caring environment for language learners and trainee teachers and our goal is to educate, inspire and empower with our experienced, dedicated team and a comprehensive student welfare system that supports learners throughout their studies.

Achieving Our Aim

This is done through language training at our premises and abroad in a wide variety of areas such as language courses, internships, events, and traveling abroad. We want to make a contribution to personal development and international communication – be it professional or cultural.

Qualified Teachers

All of our teachers are qualified and hold teaching certificates such as CELTA, DELTA or equivalent and have experience in their area of specialization.

Quality Material

Research is conducted in regards to the effectiveness of the training material and methodologies to be used in order to design an outstanding educational program.

Study Abroad

Assistance is provided for those who want to travel, work or study abroad and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Best Teaching Methods

We implement the best, highly engaging teaching methodologies to ensure that our students fully comprehend and achieve the best results.

Ih Cairo Values

What makes International House Cairo different as an educational institute?


Years of experience, excellent training programmes and dynamic personnel!


A proven track record and long-lasting history - Over 65 years of IH worldwide; 12 years in Egypt.

Qualified Staff

Our teachers are supported and encouraged to constantly develop their teaching skills through a variety of measures.


Creation of opportunities through professional training for both teachers and staff members.

Quality Products

We pride ourselves in being dynamic and flexible. This allows us to deliver quality products and to continually evolve.

Quality Control

Quality control is assessed both internally (feedback, observations) and externally (through IH World Organization).

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