Learn Arabic in 3 Months

some people say that Arabic is a difficult language and no one can learn enough of it in 3 months, but that is not true, you can learn enough to engage in small conversation in a couple of months. Using the right strategies will get you where you want 
learn arabic in 3 months

[Revealed]: Can You (Really) Learn Arabic in 3 Months?

It may be known that Arabic is a relatively difficult language to learn and that a person takes years to get to a level where he can engage in a conversation in Arabic but is that stereotype true and no one can learn enough in a couple of months?

In the following section, you will learn some strategies that will help you to learn Arabic within 3 month-time! 

7 Strategies for Achieving Fluency in Arabic within 3 Months

1. Set Specific and Achievable Goals

One core value to learning any language in the world is to have a clear goal bonded with a specific timeline. So for example you can set a goal like, ‘I’m going to work to memorize 300 commonly-used words by the end of this month.’ That means you’ll learn 10 new words a day!

By the end of your 3 months, you’ll have a rich word bank of around 1000 words to use with Arabic speakers! Coupled with practicing grammar, listening, and speaking, you’ll be able to confidently speak with native speakers. 

But there are things you have to be careful about when setting that goal. You have to be reasonable with that goal. So, avoid going for a high random number of new words in a little time. You have to make your goal applicable.

Your goal should include all the aspects of language learning, so you should include vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking. However, if you have to give more focus on just one or two things, then you have to identify your weaknesses and strengths before you start.

2. Find a Language-Learning Partner

You will be surprised by what that can do to your learning pace if you took a studying partner. Having a partner in learning any language, especially Arabic language will help you a lot to stay motivated and share the resources that you get with your partner.

There are specialized spaces on and offline where you can practice speaking with native speakers or other non-native Arabic speakers. You can learn the same dialect together and practice with each other.

3. Immerse Yourself in the Language

An important key to learning any language is to be updated with that language’s new vocabulary. Sometimes you will find some trendy words in your own language never fade away after a while and become new heavily-used words in your language, the same goes for Arabic dialects.

That is why you should tap into language immersion and follow the media and watch movies and series in a certain Arabic dialect. Your learning experience will be much more fun than just learning the traditional way.

You will need the traditional way and you will need someone to correct the mistakes you will make in your own speech at some point, you have to ensure that the way your tutor does this is a fun engaging way, otherwise, you will lose interest after a short while. You can check IH Arabic courses and the used methods to get a better look at these methods which may help you to learn what is meant by fun ways of learning.

4. Listen to Fresh Perspectives

Online videos can help a lot regarding that matter. You will find a lot of people who have shared their personal experiences with learning Arabic successfully.

You will find that helpful as they will provide you with resources and some of them might actually have a very similar experience to yours, you can always use that to stay motivated and get useful information.

5. Make Note of Your Progress

As you move along with the learning process sometimes you will find yourself not really progressing and didn’t get any better from the last time you felt you did.

Just know that this isn’t real. When a person starts to learn any language he/she makes quick progress, that is true, but as he/she gets done with the basics of the language and when he/she is able to make a well-structured sentence you will find that his/her progress is slowing down if not stopping. But this is just a false feeling you start to develop as the number of new things you learn in this language drops.

That’s why you have to keep tracking your progress. Get a pen and paper and write down the number of new words that you have learned today. How many words you were able to understand in a native speaker’s speech without translation? You will be surprised.

6. Travel to an Arabic-Speaking Country

Maybe that one falls under the immersing yourself in the language umbrella. Having an Arabic teacher will help you a lot but so does traveling to Arab countries or countries that use Arabic as the official language. 

There you will have a great opportunity to engage in all sorts of conversations everywhere. You just have to wait until you are able to understand a full simple sentence and do the basic things in the language like introducing yourself, learning how to order food, and how to take a taxi from one place to another and pay for it.

Once you have reached that basic language level, pack your bag and go to the country which you prefer its dialect.

7. Always Look on the Bright Side

Learning any language has become so much easier than it used to be before, in fact, a good internet connection and a laptop or a smartphone are all you may need.

Arabic is a fascinating language and you will find yourself progressing in it very quickly if you have the right resources and enough determination.

Arabic language resources vary from media to talking to native speakers in Arabic countries, having a tutor whose native language is Arabic or one who has completed some degree in Arabic studies.

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Arabic is the sixth most spoken language in the world with 420 million people around the world speaking the language.

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The Bottom Line

Setting the right goal within a reasonable timeline is key to starting. Having a language study partner will help you to stay motivated and reach your goal together and will provide you with someone to practice with. 

Watching Arabic media and entertainment will help you a lot to immerse yourself in the language and to improve your language level quickly.

And one of the most effective ways to learn any language fast is to be a part of a course or a program graded to your level and uses fun ways of teaching, check out IH Arabic courses here.

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We provide well-designed materials  and qualified teachers who can simplify the language for you to make visible progress in a short time.

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