How To Become A Certified English Teacher With CELTA Course?

Are you interested in becoming an English teacher with a CELTA course?
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It’s predicted that the world will need 69 million new teachers by 2030. As a result, teachers in all countries are in great demand, especially certified English teachers with the CELTA course.

Even three out of four English language teaching jobs require applicants with this certification.

And our goal here is to show you how important this program is and the level of qualification it provides!

The most wanted teaching courses and qualifications

Cambridge English Assessment conducted a study that showed 71.5% of employers in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East require their job applicants to have a CELTA qualification.

Institutions and schools often seek out English language instructors with an internationally accredited qualification from a well-known institution or university.

The question is, how do you become a Certified Teacher?

All you have to do is to register for the CELTA program to become a certified teacher. This course is accredited by Cambridge English Assessment, an affiliate of the University of Cambridge.

Quality education can only be guaranteed if you enroll in this program at a reputable center such as IH, with 65 years of global experience. So, we offer this qualification at IH Cairo to all who want to develop their professional skills.

Essential steps to begin teaching English:

1- Get Your CELTA certificate

The CELTA course is the first requirement you need to work in any country in the world as a certified English teacher.

In this course, you will learn how to move from being a new English language teacher with no experience to a professional teacher with the skills and qualifications required to work in the best schools and training centers within and outside your country.

Since this certificate is also valid for life, you can use it as long as you like after obtaining it.

2 – Using what you learn to help real-life students

Being a professional teacher requires more than just understanding theoretical concepts. You must also be able to apply teaching methods practically with students, so you gain experience dealing with different students of different nationalities and ages.

CELTA gives you this opportunity right from the start!

You can perform your best in classes of as few as 12 students that allow you to use your skills clearly with the help of the tutor beside you to give you the most important notes and help you develop your skills

3- Use innovative teaching techniques

An exceptional teacher uses modern teaching methods that are both efficient and effective for all types of students.

This is something a CELTA-certified English teacher can do effortlessly!

That’s because this course teaches you how to use teaching methods that encourage learners to interact with one another and with their teacher.

So, instead of using traditional methods of teaching, use interactive methods that are suitable for each student, so that all learners are able to grasp all the information by the end of the class.

4- Prepare for classroom management

Classroom management skills are one of the most important features of good teaching!

Thus, the CELTA course emphasizes these skills as part of its learning outcomes. Here are a few strategies:

  • Knowing the language needs of every student allows you to provide them with the kind of language training they need.
  • Create a complete lesson plan, learn how to prepare lessons on time, and engage students in interactive discussions.
  • Provide learners with opportunities to interact by asking questions in the lesson and encourage all learners to participate equally.
  • Maintain the order generally within the class but without overdoing it.
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Become an Accredited English Teacher with the CELTA.

Take the CELTA course with us. The CELTA is highly regarded by employers around the world as it is the most highly respected of its kind in the world.

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Why CELTA is the best English Language Teaching program?

If you search for English teaching qualifications, CELTA will always be at the top of the list. And here’re the reasons why this course is the best qualification for teaching English!

1- The CELTA has the highest standards

A major highlight of the CELTA program is that it’s accredited by Cambridge English Assessment. This means that the content and curriculum of the program are of the highest standard of proficiency, so all CELTA trainees will receive the same quality of education.

Thus, you can always find high-paying and in-demand jobs as a CELTA certified English teacher!

2- CELTA is a world-recognized certification

Many institutions throughout the world require teachers certified with the CELTA course

Designed for educators with no prior teaching experience, this course aims to give them a thorough overview of the most important teaching and language skills to better understand how to use this language in various teaching situations.

It is also one of the few programs in the field of teacher training that offers assessed in-class training.

Thus, you will learn teaching methods, apply them to real students, and get expert feedback to improve your teaching and communication skills.

In other words, this certification makes you a professional for the teaching profession in the shortest amount of time, with the highest efficiency, and, above all, gives you an internationally recognized and accredited certificate you can include in your CV when applying for a job!

3- Training allows you to put your skills to use

The teaching practice is a crucial part of this certificate. It takes 6 hours that you can divide into several lessons to teach real language learners!

Once you have prepared the lesson plan, you will apply what you have learned in the training about teaching methods and communications with learners to practice what you have learned in theory.

One of the best parts of the course is that you start developing your skills even before you finish the course or find a job.

With this advantage, the CELTA course is set apart from courses that rely mainly on theory.

Furthermore, you can correct your mistakes with a CELTA tutor that focuses on your weaknesses and strengths. This will help you be more effective and efficient when you start teaching English.

4- Get job opportunities abroad

Most people who want to immigrate or live abroad pursue a CELTA qualification.

This is because of how reputable this certificate is and how much appreciation it gets from different countries all around the world.

Most countries need teachers who teach English as a second language because people there need to learn this language for work or study or even to communicate easier.

Thus, you will have many opportunities to find work abroad. Still, these opportunities need strong credentials that prove your teaching abilities and reassures institutions and business owners that you are highly qualified.

This is what the CELTA certification is all about!

Recruiters will consider you the best candidate for the job once you show them your certificate, surpassing other applicants who don’t possess this kind of credibility.

Is CELTA equivalent to a degree?

The CELTA certificate is a Level 5 qualification. This means that it is equivalent to Foundation degrees, Higher National Diplomas (HND), and a Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE). 

This proves how great this program is and why it gets such a high reputation around the globe. 

That certificate also goes beyond the boundaries of a traditional course or theoretical education to give you real-world experience and a well-known qualification.

As a result, everyone who graduates with IH Cairo from the CELTA program emphasizes how important this step is for their career, and how many doors open for them because of it.

Enroll in the CELTA course to become a certified teacher!

To gain multiple job opportunities and a salary much above your current or expected one, enroll with IH Cairo for the CELTA certificate.

Sign up now with us online to professionally start teaching English!

Apply for the upcoming CELTA course now!

This certificate is the most sought after by employers offering English language teaching jobs abroad or in prestigious organizations.

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