How to Prepare for the CELTA Interview

Good preparation for the sessions is your key point to be ready for your CELTA course
The CELTA course interview

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Good preparation for the sessions is your key point to be ready for your CELTA course. Also, when you prepare for CELTA interview, it helps you to avoid errors, avoiding re-work, and activities will be done in a shorter time. Your stress will be lower, you are confident and stress is reduced because you have less to worry about.

If you’re thinking about doing a CELTA or have already applied for the program, you would possibly be wondering what preparation you would like before you begin the program or maybe if you would like to try any prep in the least.

While you would possibly be okay to pass with no prep, Research and preparation have never hurt anyone. So, let’s know the steps you need to follow to be prepared for the Class.

Discover what we’re covering:

What are the requirements to apply for the Certification?

  • Minimum 18 years old
  • a near-native level of English – as IELTS 7.5 or a high C1 level.
  • Sufficient education level to apply for university.
  • No degree needed.

What to do to prepare for CELTA interview?

The interview could happen at the center or via Skype if you’re living further away but whichever sort of interview you are doing an equivalent of this format:

  1. English awareness test.
  2. Knowledge about the course with an opportunity to ask questions.
  3. A one-to-one interview with the interviewer, regularly a CELTA tutor.

However, to get ready for the interview, there’re some tips to follow:

  • Know the course: To apply confidently for the interview you should have a theoretical background of what it includes. So, read about the course, know its main topics, and have an overview of the course.
  • Prepare some questions: Before you enter the interview, make sure that you have a list of a couple of questions for your interviewer. Read on to know more about this aspect.
  • Show them your confidence: It’s important for your interviewers to see that you have the required potential skills to get accepted in this course. Therefore, you should demonstrate your abilities and show them that you’re reliable!
  • Refresh your information: In the CELTA interview, the evaluator will ask you some questions about the language within the English awareness test. So, be ready!
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What is tested within the English awareness test?

  • The form of English and Meaning
  • Describing language
  • Contextualizing language
  • Lexis & phonology

Knowledge about the course with an opportunity to ask questions:

In this part, the interviewer will tell you how the course works, and you have a chance to ask questions so you’ll understand more about the course before getting there. Then you’ve got your questions ready if the answers haven’t already been covered.

The Certificate is standardized and centers follow a syllabus but they have their way to write the timetable and put the course together.

A one-to-one interview with the interviewer, regularly a CELTA tutor

You’ll have a one-to-one interview even if you are in a group. The interviewer will ask you some questions related to the language. The interviewer also will be looking to ascertain whether you’re okay with the feedback and you are ready for the intensity of the sessions. they’re going to check your level of English is high enough (C2 regarding the Common European Framework) and confirm you’re free from any other commitments during the sessions.

You would possibly also mention any accommodation requirements or health issues you’ll have. The center is going to be curious about why you’re eager to do the course and want to understand you. The key here is to only be yourself.

To summarize what we discussed:

  • Prepare your questions about the course.
  • Accept the feedback and be open.
  • Show your confidence.
  • Make yourself free for the course.
  • Be only yourself.

Make sure to offer your best and be yourself within the interview. Regardless of the outcome, it’ll be a worthy learning experience.

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