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In this day and age, everyone needs to speak good English. This is due to the massive globalisation that we’ve been facing these past few years, making it tremendously easy to get a job if you’ve got good English skills. 
Also learning English helps you in two main ways:


Learning English gives you the ability to freely communicate with anyone across the globe, thus making your job much easier. Good English skills also allow you to be able to speak with your clients and customers efficiently. This is helpful for people in most jobs. We strive to make learning English as easy and accessible as possible. That way, no one will feel left out or unable to communicate with those around them.

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Travelling Abroad

English also allows you to travel abroad and visit any country confidently. Whether you’re traveling for work or tourism, knowing English will open many doors ahead of you. So, you can live and move around easily without the need for an outsider’s help. We wish to make English digestible for all people. Our trainers aspire to make their sessions as easily explained as possible in order to make no room for error or confusion

Voxy - 24/7 Online English Courses

CUSTOMIZE Your Learning Journey!
Voxy is designed to put the learning process in the hands of the student, not the instructor, which means that the learner gets to choose the material they want and set their own goals.! What a time to be a student!

With Voxy, You will find all English courses you may need in ONE platform

General English

Practice Pronunciation

Business English

Academic English

IELTS Preparation

TOEFL Preparation

Why Should You Choose Voxy?

It Has Its Own Placement Test

All Teachers are NATIVE SPEAKERS

Practice the 4 Basic English Skills

Personalized Learning

Interactive Live Classes!

Intensive English Course

4 Students Learning Together

About The Course

IH Cairo Intensive English Courses are here to help! These courses are designed for non-native speakers of English who wish to accelerate their language learning and at the same time ensure their accurate and fluent production of the language. This ONE package includes both: Face to face sessions and online platform.

Three intensive courses are available to choose from:

Intensive General English

This course is designed for those wishing to improve their language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing as well as their grammar and vocabulary.

Intensive Conversation English

Helps you fast-track your way to fluency as this course aims to promote fluency with solid focus on pronunciation. It will also boost your level of confidence when speaking in public.

Intensive Combined English

Welcome to the best of both worlds.
Combining all the benefits from the Intensive General English and the Intensive Conversational English, you will be fully immersed in the English language itself.

IELTS Preparation

IELTS is an acronym which stands for: International English Language Testing System. It’s the most popular English language proficiency test and it’s globally recognized.

The IELTS preparation course is offered by certified professional trainers who are sure to give you all the training you need as well as feedback that will allow you to focus on your shortcomings and be able to improve them before the exam.

IELTS will change your life and help you in multiple ways. Let’s know how…

The IELTS preparation course can be taken in two different ways:

Intensive IELTS preparation course

20 Total Hours

1 Week

5 Sessions

4 Hours per session

IELTS four-week course

36 Total Hours

4 Weeks

3 Sessions per week

3 Hours per session

Don’t hesitate to take our IELTS preparation course, that way, you’ll be confident that you’ll get the highest possible score with IELTS, consequently opening more doors for you in the future.

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