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Imagine yourself talking to others in English, with your English fluent and correct.

You find your words flowing in a sleek thread alongside your thoughts and ideas in a smooth path, without hesitating or pausing. You’re just talking English like the natives do!

You must be wondering now: How could I make this come true?

The answer is through being persistent in reaching that level and joining our conversational courses.

International House Cairo offers you these exciting conversational courses where you learn with our qualified English teachers.

But what about my level in English? Don’t worry, we offer different courses according to your level.

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What is the Conversational Course?

Conversational courses offered by International House Cairo

But why do we say conversational courses in the plural?

This is because each course is created for a specific English level.
We have 12 conversational courses for 12 English levels, from the elementary level to the advanced one, and the syllabus of the course is dynamic and suitable for daily use. 
You can also learn to speak formal or informal English as you wish.

What is the length of the course?

12 Levels

Elementary to advanced

4 Weeks

per level

2 Sessions

per week

2 Hours

per session

Why choose this course?

the ability to say what you want to say in English directly and not translating it

Because thinking a specific thought in your language (such as Arabic), then translating it into English, then saying it is a long, unnecessary process.

Enables you to learn how to think in English and not how to translate your thoughts into English

There’s a difference, because the first one is what professional English speakers do while the latter is for amateurs who need to stop that and start learning how to speak English smoothly.

You can start practicing now

Just look around you and think about these things in English. Think about their names and then create a sentence about them. For example, “I want to read this book”, or “I don’t like this show on the TV.” Whatever the things are, you can start thinking about them and about how you can operate them, or what you feel about them, all in English.

Who is the Conversational Course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills in English.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re in an elementary, intermediate, or advanced level, mastering these skills is an essential aspect of your English development.


needs to familiarize their tongue with the English sounds. So, the course will focus on this aspect plus getting that learner to create short, simple conversations with others.


can focus more on using the vocabulary that they use on a daily basis.  They also can start chats and express their feelings and thoughts in a more skillful way.


As for anyone with an advanced level in English, they can use idioms, expressions, and give long speeches while also paying attention to how they pronounce the words. 

What are the Expected Outcomes?

By the end of this course, the learners will be:

Why should you take this course with IH Cairo?

How could the center you choose give you the exact result you want? It’s a question that you need to ask in order to know which center you should join, because you want to spend your time on something that will benefit you. IH Cairo can guarantee that you’ll learn so much in little time. Because in only 4 weeks, you’ll practice English skills with other learners and qualified English teachers.


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