IELTS Task Revision

About the Service

IELTS Preparation course is an introductory course that gives you the essential knowledge and needed skills to pass the IELTS exam smoothly.

IELTS refers to the International English Language Testing System. It was established by Cambridge Assessment English and the British Council in 1980.

IELTS has two types: The Academic and the General Training.

Each one examines students on the same 4 skills but in different contexts and content.
The IELTS Academic test is for students who wish to travel abroad to learn at a higher education level, while the IELTS General Training test is for those who want to find a job abroad, for example.

Why Do You Need This service

This course is your chance to find out which skill you need to improve, plus learning more information about English. In this way, you’re not too late to improve this skill in addition to reinforcing the other ones, so you pass the exam and get the chance to communicate well with the native English speakers.

And for academic purposes, you need to understand the entire context of the exam so you can focus on improving the needed areas and prepare yourself with the terminologies you’ll hear in the course and in the country while studying.

What You'll Get

In each IELTS Preparation course form, you’ll learn the essential skills and knowledge to surpass the exam. Let’s discover what each course form includes!

You’ll learn in the Intensive One-Week IELTS Preparation Course: