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No More “One-Course-Fits-All”

are you done with committing to a course, putting in the hard work, and not improving? Well, here is why your language skills aren’t developing and how to get better.

DELTA Module 1 focuses on the theoretical background to teaching & practical applications informed by...


How to Expand Your Vocabulary

learning a new language is overwhelming and the necessity to know every word is stressful but uncalled for because at first, all you need to learn are words you need.


Popular Arabic Dialects

There are many different Arabic dialects than can be learned, and hence, deciding which one to learn can be confusing, but it shouldn’t be. Based on certain things you can easily decide which dialect suits...


6 Steps to Make Arabic Learning Enjoyable

For any beginner learning a new language, it’s common to feel bored after a short while, and this holds true for Arabic learners as well. However, don’t lose hope just yet, as there are ways...


Why Take CELTA Course in Egypt

The CELTA course is the most generally recognized and accepted TESOL certificate. It will help you gain the talents and knowledge you’ll need as an educator.


How Can Distance Learning Be Profitable?

Distance learning has become one of the most prevalent topics these days due to its many advantages that make it different from traditional education and also because of the solutions and facilities that it provides...


How to Manage Time in Class

By: Andriy RuzhynskiyTeacher Trainer (CELTA, IHCTL, SIT TESOL, local DELTA Tutor) Timing in class is important because a Teacher needs to complete a certain framework to make a lesson effective. The most frequently used lesson...


How to Crack the Codes of CEFR?

By: Mayar AhmedCELTA holder and Phd. candidate in a Linguistics and Translation PhD program at Alexandria University The very first ‘threshold level’ concept was incepted in the 70s For English first then for French. Over...


What’s Voxy

A lot of websites claim to be the best online teaching platform, but before signing up for anything you need to understand their process and what makes them different.


Are Online Courses Accredited?

With the spread of the expression distance learning (E-learning ) recently, many questions and information began to show up with it about this kind of education that wasn’t known that much before


Learn Arabic in 3 Months

some people say that Arabic is a difficult language and no one can learn enough of it in 3 months, but that is not true, you can learn enough to engage in small conversation in...


The Use of Arabic Diacritics

Tashkeel, Harakat, and diacritics are different words for Arabic accent marks. They are a crucial part of the language as they facilitate text understanding.


9 Ways to Learn Egyptian Arabic Faster

Speaking with the natives and having someone to correct your mistakes are the things to begin with to learn Egyptian Arabic. You will also find other things like watching media to be helpful, learn more...

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