DELTA Module Two

Developing Professional Practice

This module focuses on developing awareness and expertise in the principles and professional practice of teaching English in a range of contexts.

DELTA Module 2

This module focuses on the principles and practice of planning.

Trainees During Session

Module Two Overall Aims

This module focuses on the principles and practice of planning. Topics include:

To achieve these aims, candidates need to:

  • research selected language/skills areas and focus on problems and solutions for learners
  • apply their knowledge and understanding of factors affecting learning and teaching to their practice
  • plan, teach and evaluate lessons which meet the needs of specific groups of learners and individuals within the groups
  • use a range of resources and materials, and teaching and learning strategies which are appropriate to learner needs and context
  • constructively evaluate their own teaching and engage in Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Module Two Assessment

Module Two is assessed via a portfolio of coursework, including background essays, observed lessons, and a professional development assignment. One assignment, which includes a background essay, an observed lesson and a lesson evaluation, is externally assessed.
Module Two assessment involves participation in a Delta Module Two course at an approved Cambridge English centre.

Three of the Language Systems/Skills Assignments are internally assessed by Delta course tutors at the centre. For each assignment, centres give two grades, one for the background essay and one for the lesson.

The Professional Development Assignment (PDA) is also internally assessed.

During the course, tutors log details of all the internal coursework in the Coursework Record (Delta 5c), which is completed for each candidate. At the end of the course, the tutors complete a report summarising the candidate’s progress over the course and give a recommended overall coursework grade for the internal coursework.

The coursework grade indicates the overall standard attained by the end of the course. The grade should be consistent with the comments in the coursework report and the feedback and grades given for the internally assessed Language Systems and Skills Assignments.

One of the Language Systems or Skills Assignments (a background essay and a lesson) is externally assessed by a Cambridge English approved external assessor. Assessment of the lesson includes the candidate’s evaluation of the lesson, which is sent to the assessor by the centre within 48 hours of the external assessment.

The assessor completes an assessment form (Delta 5a), which includes grades for the background essay and the lesson plus evaluation. The essay and lesson plan are submitted with the form.

Course Info

For DELTA, you need to:

  • Be at least twenty-one years old.
  • Have a previous English teaching certificate. For example: a CELTA certificate.
  • Have at least one year of professional teaching experience.
  • Having a good understanding of the English language.

And an additional requirement specifically for Module Two:

  1. In Module Two, it’s required to attend the DELTA course in an authorized center for the teaching practice, as you’ll be assessed directly. 

Applicants for the course must complete
An Application Form and a pre interview task and send it to

We will then set up an interview, preferably face-to-face. If you are a long way away from Cairo we will ask you to Skype with us at a pre-arranged time.

To ensure your place once you have been accepted we recommend that the full fee is paid at least FOUR weeks before the course begins, especially if you want to take your DELTA course in the summer.

Elevate your expertise with our Delta Module Two program. Choose from multiple payment options to suit your convenience:
£1,850 GBP
$2,350 USD

Advance Further with Delta Modules Two and Three – Limited Time Deal!

Progress seamlessly with our combined Delta Modules Two and Three course. Select the payment method you prefer:

£2,250 GBP
$2,860 USD
All candidates have the freedom to choose their preferred payment currency, ensuring a smooth and tailored experience.

 including Cambridge fees

You can pay your deposit and full fees as follows:

  • Cash Payment at International House Cairo
  • Credit or Debit Card in either GBP/USD/EGP at International House Cairo

In the case of cancellation four weeks or more before the course starting date, 20% of our total fee will be retained. With less than two weeks’ notice, 50% of our total fee will be retained. If cancellation occurs in the final ten days before the starting date our total fee will be retained.

However, in certain exceptional circumstances we will consider transferring the fees to another course.

In the event of a course being cancelled all fees will be refunded.

NOTE Once the course has started, there is no possible refund. For this reason, you might consider taking out an insurance policy in order to be covered in case anything happen and you needed to leave the course.

If the course is delayed or prevented by Force Majeure, then IH Cairo shall NOT be liable for a refund.

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