IH Certificate in Teaching English (TEFL)

Course Objective

To prepare candidates for a job or career as a language teacher working with students who are learning the target language as a second/third or foreign language.

It is, therefore, experiential learning which is supported by an input programme, the production of written assignments of a practical nature, and the observation of professionals in the field.

Course Focus

The main focus of the course is the planning and execution of lessons, followed by self-evaluation, group discussion, tutor’s oral and written feedback and candidate reflection on the whole process in order to inform future lessons and personal professional development.

Upon qualifying, participants will have reached a standard suitable for employment as a language teacher.

Who Should Take This Course?

The IHC is intended for a range of candidates, including primarily:

Candidates who are entirely new to teaching with no prior experience of teaching

Candidates who have done some teaching but got no formal qualifications

Candidates who have taught languages but with little or no previous training

Candidates who have taught other subjects and wish to take up language teaching

candidates who have received previous training in language teaching but feel the need for a refresher course or for a more practical qualification or for a more internationally recognised qualification.

By the end of the course successful candidate will have:

Good level of language awareness and an awareness of potential problems learners face at a variety of levels

Lesson preparation including formulating overall and stage aims, appropriate staging to achieve aims and choosing appropriate materials with the aims and students in mind

Classroom teaching skills including the ability to successfully teach language skills and language systems lessons and then provide appropriate controlled and communicative practice which relates to the target point

The ability to establish a good rapport with individuals and groups of learners and to motivate them by relating lessons to their needs, interests and backgrounds

The ability to evaluate their own classroom performance and highlight areas for further development, and to act as a professional with regard to administrative matters and relations with colleagues

Course Content


on the planning and execution of lessons through teaching practice, written assignments and group discussions, all of which are observed by experienced tutors, online and face-to-face, who provide helpful feedback and encourage continuous self-evaluation.

The IHC online is divided into 14 compulsory modules covering everything from classroom management to motivating students. There are further optional modules that may be covered towards the end of the course.

Areas covered include:

lesson preparation

student motivation

language awareness

selection of teaching materials

classroom management skills

identification of common learning problems.


There will be two types of tutors, who will guide trainees through the sessions, mark the two assignments, observe the trainee teaching and provide feedback on lessons.

The course offered full-time and part-time on a face-to-face and online mode

Course Info

The course is run online, with a face-to-face teaching practice component. There are 14 compulsory modules, plus further optional modules towards the end of the course. 

The course is taught by qualified, experienced tutors who hold an online tutoring qualification. Suitably qualified local tutors conduct the observations and the final portfolio is moderated by the IH Assessment Unit.


Candidates are assessed on three main areas: coursework, written assignments and teaching practice. They are expected to complete a minimum of 6 hours teaching practice throughout the course eg. 8 x 40-minute lessons with two different levels.

The certificate is awarded to teachers who successfully complete the three areas of the course – coursework, the written assignments and teaching practice. The grading of the course is Pass or Fail.

  • The course consists of 120 hours of input and a minimum of 80 hours of homework and reading tasks.

  • The course offered full-time and part-time on a face-to-face and online mode
  • Fill in the online application form which is on our website or that has been sent to your e-mail and send it to teachertraining@ihcairoeg.com
  • Our team will contact you if they have any questions about your application.
  • Once your application is approved, we will be in touch to let you know how to pay.
  • The course is offered face-to-face and online through Zoom
  • You can choose between our part-time and full-time course

The most updates course fees and calendar are mentioned in the website, please check our website www.ihcairoeg.com


Course fees must be paid in full prior to the start date.


If you have any questions please send to: teachertraining@ihcairoeg.com