Survival Egyptian Arabic (SEA)

This course is designed for learners who do not have a long time to study the language and need to survive and be able to communicate using the Arabic Language. The Survival Egyptian Arabic (SEA) course will enable you to do so with the selective language functions that are presented.

Survival Egyptian Arabic (SEA)

Course Description

The Survival Egyptian Arabic content covers the spoken language that is used in everyday communication by Egyptians. If you have recently arrived in Cairo, either for work, study or to live, you will need to communicate with local Egyptians. The Survival Egyptian Arabic (SEA) course is the most convenient and suitable solution for you.

Course Content

Asking for directions & public transportation.

Asking about places for daily needs. Using the simple present.

Complaints of illness/ non-functioning items in an apartment.

Using routine verbs in the present. Time/days of the week & adverbs of time.

Exchanging Personal information, telephone numbers/ personal addresses, using Arabic numbers.

Shopping in public markets (Khan El Khalili) and grocery stores/using money.

Course Structure


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Course Duration

2 Weeks - 20 hours

Course Schedule

5 lessons/week


2 Weeks-USD 300

Delivery mode

Face to face/Online

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