DELTA Module one

Intensive Teacher Training Program at IH Cairo

IH Cairo DELTA Module One Preparation Course focuses on the key areas that need development in order to pass the exam.

DELTA Module 1

90-Hour Comprehensive Training

Welcome to DELTA Module 1

Unlock your teaching potential with our DELTA Module 1 course at IH Cairo. Designed for educators with CELTA or in-service experience, this intensive program promises to enhance your English language teaching and deepen your understanding of English language instruction.

Course Structure and Advantages

90-Hour Comprehensive Training

Split into 60 hours of live instruction and 30 hours of practice and feedback.

Unique Face-to-Face Instruction

The only centre offering in-person DELTA M1 instruction.

Enhanced Teaching Methodologies

Develop strategies for effective language teaching and learner engagement.

In-Depth Learning

Topics include learning theories, methodologies, teaching, and evaluation of language skills.

Consistent Training

Aligning input sessions with exam practice for a cohesive learning experience.

Real-World Teaching Skills

Examination Training

Prepare for a written exam with two 90-minute papers, including regular practice sessions and mock exams.

Hands-On Experience

Weekly assignments and individualised feedback based on the esteemed Cambridge criteria.

Resource-Rich Learning

Access to extensive teaching materials and a curated reading list on Google Classroom.

Special Features

Why Choose IH Cairo for DELTA Module 1

Dedicated Support

Personalised assistance from day one until successful completion of the test.

Practical and Engaging Sessions

Designed for real-world application to boost candidates' autonomy.

Continuous Guidance

Support is available until successful test completion, ensuring candidates are in safe hands.

Continuous Guidance

Support is available until successful test completion, ensuring candidates are in safe hands.

Intensive Exam Preparation

Daily sessions a month before the test for academic and psychological support.

Trainees During Session

Course Details

Course Requirements

Pre-Course Preparation

Course Calendar


To Be Decided


Face to face

Sunday – Wednesdsy from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m.

4th August 2024 to 20 November 2024

Course Fees

We’re excited to announce that our upcoming Delta module one course in August2024 offers a single fee structure.
The course fees are $400 or 16,000 Egyptian pounds for Egyptian candidates residing in Egypt.

IH Cairo CELTA alumni enjoy a special discount of 25%.

Don’t miss this opportunity to further your professional development with IH Cairo. Register early to secure your spot!

Spotlight on Excellence: Our Leading Educators

Meet the Visionaries Behind Our Educational Excellence — Aya Eleemy and Elham Helmy. With years of dedicated experience and a passion for teaching, they are the cornerstones of our academic community, fostering innovation and inspiring minds.

Elham Helmy

Elham is an accomplished educator with a diverse background in English language teaching and teacher training. She has served as a teacher trainer at Capital Professional Development and the American University in Cairo, where she imparts her expertise in programs such as FELT, ELT Diploma, MSTTC, and TOT for School Supervisors. Additionally, she has been a teacher trainer at Notting Hill College’s School of Teacher Training, specializing in TEFL, TESOL, Ofqual TEFL, and Methodology programs.

Elham’s academic achievements include a degree in English from Ain Shams University’s Faculty of Education, complemented by diplomas in School Administration and Methodology. Her dedication to professional development is evident in her acquisition of certifications such as FELT (2010) from the American University in Cairo, CELTA (2016), DELTA (2020) from the University of Cambridge, and an MA in TEFL from Ain-Sham University’s Faculty of Education (2023). Elham’s impressive career is a testament to her commitment to education and her ongoing pursuit of excellence in the field.

Aya Eleemy

Aya Eleemy is an accomplished professional in the field of language education, with a strong passion for teacher-training and empowering others through effective communication. With a diverse range of qualifications and extensive experience, Aya has established herself as a reputable teacher, IELTS trainer, TEFL lead-trainer, and HTTI Trainer. Currently, she serves as IH Cairo Academic Manager. Aya has graduated from the Faculty of Languages, specializing in Simultaneous Interpretation. She is also halfway through her MA. Committed to her professional growth, Aya has pursued a range of certifications from esteemed institutions. She has successfully completed DELTA module1,2 and TTT from Cambridge, Cert-PT from Trinity. . These certifications not only reflect her dedication to staying updated with the latest teaching methodologies but also showcase her commitment to providing high-quality language education.

Elevate Your Teaching Career with
IH Cairo’s DELTA Module 1

Take the next step in your teaching journey. Enrol now in the DELTA Module 1 course at IH Cairo and transform your teaching skills, methodologies, and career prospects. 

Join us for an enriching experience that promises not just a certificate, but a new horizon in English language teaching. 

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