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The Only IH School in Egypt

International House Cairo is the only IH School in Egypt that teaches different Arabic courses. IH Cairo is regularly inspected, supported, and updated by IHWO (International House World Organization) to guarantee high-quality courses and learning journeys. 

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IH Cairo Arabic School Programs

Arabic is the sixth most spoken language in the world with 420 million people around the world speaking the language. To learn a new language that doesn’t share similarities with your native tongue is very difficult unless you learn with experienced teachers who can simplify the language for you. With our Arabic courses, you will learn vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, verb conjugation, and you will practice a lot.

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Most Spoken Language
People Speak Arabic
Countries speak Arabic

Our Arabic course standards

coincide with the Common European Framework and the American ACTFL standards, and most universities accept our assessment as part of their student grading. Where prospective students wish to obtain a grant or scholarship to attend IH Cairo, we shall endeavor to assist them as much as we can, including the provision of documents in support of their application.

At IH Cairo, we don’t only teach Arabic, but also, we let you live the language through movies, Arabic music, and by meeting people who speak Arabic so you can practice your Arabic in conversation over and over and immerse yourself in the language.

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Who these Arabic courses are for

People who want to learn Arabic Language

People who are working in the Arab world

People who started to learn Arabic and want to continue

People who are willing to learn a new language as a hobby

IH Cairo Teachers

IH Cairo offers quality teaching supported by excellent teaching and administrative management with regular monitoring and training to provide a welcoming and safe learning environment that accommodates thousands of international students every year. All IH Cairo teachers are TAFL (Teaching Arabic as a foreign language) certified Arabic language specialists and acclaimed in-house textbooks help make learning this complex language simple. 

The educational management of our Institute includes a Director of Studies, coordinators, qualified teacher trainers, and a Head of Teacher Training. The Education staff is supported by dedicated administration and finance teams. The strength of the IH organization is the quality and training of its teachers. Since the organization began some 13 years ago, IH Cairo has been a pioneer of modern language teacher training. Today, IH is still one of the largest language teacher training organizations in the world and IH Cairo is the ONLY IH teacher training centre for Arabic teachers.

IH Cairo Teaching Methodology

At IH Cairo, we focus on small classes and adopt a cross-cultural communicative approach which helps students to easily advance through our levels and develop their speaking skills from beginner to advanced levels of fluency.  We follow the situational language teaching methodology where the spoken language is presented through situations that do not require translation, and this help students to:

The course is organized using the most updated teaching methods, including grammar, multi-media, literature, movies, songs, and poetry.

The teaching methodology is highly effective, focusing on student participation and engagement to enhance the Arabic language learning experience.

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