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IH Cairo is authorized by Cambridge Assessment English which is part of the University of Cambridge, with highly qualified teachers who are experienced and cooperative to provide you with the best learning experience!




IH Cairo is a leader in producing excellent education either in learning languages or English Language Teaching. You can enhance your English language skills with the best instructors and internationally recognized certificates.




Integrated course from beginner to advanced levels covering ALL basic English skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

Our teachers focus on what you are lacking in order to improve and increase your fluency in English.

Teaching you the different English pronunciation rules and tips & tricks on how to better pronounce any word.

We teach grammar in a creative and efficient way so you can fully grasp the concept of each grammatical rule before using it.

Writing skills are essential and our main focus is to develop the writing skills of each individual in relation to their ability and specific needs.

IELTS is recognized worldwide and is an important step if you are interested in living, working or studying abroad.

Our IELTS preparation course will guide you and provide you with the necessary tools to successfully pass the test!

To enroll in English-speaking universities, TOEFL is essential. We will support you and get you ready for the exam with our TOEFL preparation course.

Try the best English Learning experience with new personalized courses which you can tailor to fit your needs.


It’s not a surprise when we say that the need for English teachers is on a continuous rise, because in every country you’ll find learners who seek to learn English.
That’s when your turn comes to give them what they need and to share your voice as a powerful English teacher!


CELTA is a highly recognized teaching course best for non-experienced English teachers or teachers with little experience who wish to elevate their teaching skills to become certified English teachers!

You can choose whether to take CELTA online or Face to face as a part-time or full-time course to suit your needs.


DELTA is accredited all around the world from Cambridge Assessment English, so you’ll definitely be learning from one of the best sources out there. DELTA is an English teaching program divided into three modules tailored for experienced English teachers to turn them into professional ones with the needed theoretical and practical skills.


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Voxy’s Career-Aligned Courses

the job market is tough on everyone and to reach the goal you want, you need to keep working on yourself, keep up to date with everything that’s happening in your field, and never stop learning.

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