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CUSTOMIZE Your Learning Journey!

Voxy is designed to put the learning process in the hands of the student, not the instructor, which means that the learner gets to choose the material they want and set their own goals.! What a time to be a student!

IH Cairo & Voxy

International House Cairo would like to announce its partnerships with Voxy in the Middle East. Voxy is one of the top English learning platforms in the world. It’s built on the foundation of personalized learning and extending the educational process beyond the borders of the classroom, using Task-Based Language Teaching that focuses on exerting tasks from real-life situations.

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How does VOXY work?

Voxy built its foundation on using material from authentic content, which is any form of media/content produced by native English speakers, e.g. news articles, videos of real people ordering food, music, etc.

It’s built on the principles of TBLT (Task-Based Language Teaching), which focuses on performing tasks from real-life situations like calling customer service for help using the targeted language. This method is used to get rid of the idea of traditional classrooms that mostly rely on memorizing vocabulary without putting the learners’ knowledge to the test in the real world.

Real-World Content into Personalized Lessons

After receiving a patent for its innovative process of Keyword Extraction method (using text summarization and natural language processing algorithms) and adding the power of reviewing the content by language learning experts, Voxy can determine the words that are important to learn depending on the level the learner is in. It can also turn any piece of context into English lessons.

Reality-Based Experience

Based on the contextual learning theory, which argues that learning occurs only when students process new information or knowledge in such a way that makes sense to them, Voxy includes many aspects and dimensions, such as location, time, important events, personal and social activity, to offer the best learning solution that solves the need to link between what you learn and what you encounter in real life.

Why Choose VOXY?

All Teachers are NATIVE SPEAKERS

All Voxy teachers are NATIVE English Speakers; they are a team of passionate and engaged ESL professionals devoted to task-based teaching and are located around the world to delivers best-in-class EFL tailored instruction to groups and individual learners

It Has Its Own Placement Test

The Voxy Proficiency Assessment (VPA) is taken once you sign up and every three months. This helps the learner measure his/her performance and improvement. It’s used as a benchmark marking tool for the users and can also predict results on common tests such as the TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, and PTE.

Personalized Learning

Is an educational method that gives students control over the content they learn, the pace of their learning, and uses technology to customize the learning process.  It has shown its effectiveness in numerous situations by adapting the material with the progress and setbacks of the learner and teaching them information relevant to them.

Practice the Four Basic English Skills

Voxy will provide you with the opportunity to practice the four basic English skills which are Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking; it will help you know what you’re good at and where you need to improve, which is very important as the quickest way to learn a language is to focus on your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

Interactive Live Classes!

To guarantee that you as a learner have enough speaking practice, there is more than one class that open every 30 minutes, these classes are facilitated by native teachers and your classmates are from the whole world, so it’s even a good chance to exchange culture with others, not just for the sake of speaking, as you all will speak about one topic for 30 minutes so you have a chance to see different cultures and points of views. While you are talking, the teacher will correct you in the different aspects of the language, whether grammar and pronunciation and support you with the vocabulary you need.

This kind of immediate and repeated correction will help you to improve your skills quickly and be more confident about your language. These classes are available 24/7, so wherever you are, regardless of your time zone, there are classes to join, add to this, there is no limited number of classes to join. In other words, you can keep joining classes through the whole day.

All English Courses You Need in ONE Platform!

General English

The General English course offers its users the ability to perform daily tasks in English. It builds the user’s foundation in English and then continues to build his/her English skills throughout the levels.

Practice Pronunciation

Voxy provides its users with the opportunity to leave a great first impression by practicing pronunciation on their vocabulary words and training with Native English-speaking professionals, which will improve communication.

Business English

One of the most required courses since it teaches the user how to do business-related duties in different departments, as well as how to perform simple business tasks like negotiating and interviewing.

Academic English

The Academic Reading and Writing course is designed to help users improve their writing skills, which in turn enhances their academic experience and allows them to make the most of their readings & writings. 

IELTS Preparation

The IELTS Prep Course will provide overview about the structure of the exams and strategies for success. Understand the test from experienced teachers and learn what it requires. learners will be much more prepared!

TOEFL Preparation

You can complete units on the TOEFL’s speaking, reading, listening and writing sections to fully prepare for the exam. You will see and hear real-life examples of test questions, and apply test-taking strategies.

Take English With You Wherever You Go

Voxy is available on iOS and Android.

No need to take time away from work; no delays due to scheduling issues. No matter where learners are, they can pick it up where they left off.  Through the app, you can access all your classes, any of the material, exercise your vocabulary, etc.
Anytime, Anywhere we are always available for you and you can connect 24/7 with us!

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How Voxy Overcame the Setbacks of Online Learning?

More than four million people in more than 150 countries have changed their lives by learning English with Voxy.
Voxy has overcome the usual problems facing online learning, and these are the solutions :

Unlimited Content

Voxy has a huge number of courses for different fields and courses e.g. Accounting, law, civil engineering, real estate,…

Cross-Cultural Communication

Voxy offers group classes, so you can interact with different people from around the world.

Progress Tracking

Unlike other online learning tools, Voxy allows you to see & track your progress easily while using the app or the website.

Awarding System

Voxy has a better alternative to competition between learners on the platform by offering its own awarding system.

Awards and Recognitions

Voxy Is Proudly Serving Global Industry Leaders

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Breaking Down Workplace Language Barriers

More than four million people in more than 150 countries have changed their lives by learning English with Voxy.
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