Everything To Know About Media Arabic Courses

Learn all about Media Arabic Courses to enhance your media study!

Are you a journalist or do you wish to become one? Is the media industry of Arab countries intriguing to you?

If you want to know how the media industry works in Arab nations, then taking the Media Arabic program is a must.

But what exactly is this course? Read on to find out!

What Are Media Arabic Courses

Media Arabic Courses are all about understanding the language of the printed newspaper and online news websites, in addition to knowing more about societal issues in the Arab-Speaking world.


The program is mainly aimed at intermediate and advanced-level students.


It gives them access to a variety of engaging texts focused on the Middle Eastern social and political climate through current controversial topics.


All that along with learning core vocabulary and structure of media texts, whether written or spoken, using these relevant topics such as elections, conflicts, terrorism, demonstrations, and business.

Students gain a deeper understanding of Arabic grammar and sentence structure, as well as media topics.

The syllabus depends on interactive ways of learning like reading everyday newspapers and then trying to comprehend and interpret the meaning.

Another way is listening to original news and talks from different Arabic broadcasts while demanding students to try to form their own opinions and reviews in Arabic.

Questions are also important in developing their critical thinking skills and the ability to express different opinions orally.

In short, Media Arabic classes provide advanced learners with higher levels of language acquisition that will be useful in academic or career fields.


Why Choose Media Arabic Courses

Media Arabic is an innovative and ideal educational tool for anyone looking to gain firsthand access to news information from this important global region.

It is becoming increasingly popular among academics, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and businesses.

So, to know why you should choose Media Arabic lessons, you must know what purpose are you taking it for.

Here are some examples that may be similar to those you have in mind:

  • Journalism: If you are interested in journalism and want to work in an Arabic country, or even enroll in a journalism degree, then Media Arabic Language lessons are the first thing you should consider.
  • Writing: As long as the writing is what you admire, why don’t you keep doing it or even enhance it by improving your Arabic language skills along the way? If you want to become a writer for a digital media platform, for example, then this course is vital to teach you about cultural issues and how to analyze Middle Eastern media.
  • Career shift: Are you currently working in another field, but interested in entering the media industry? This course is the beginning of achieving that. From learning how to read extended texts with greater accuracy and speed to forming your own opinion and supporting it, you’ll learn how to master the field!
  • Reside in an Arab country: If you are considering living in an Arab country, then you may want to be familiar with its national and regional issues. That’s exactly what you’ll find in the Media Arabic courses and even more.

As you can see, every aspect of this course contributes to the reason you choose it.

But now, you want to know the reason you should take Media Arabic language training at IH Cairo in particular.

Well, all the reasons mentioned above are presented in one complete flexible syllabus that is tailored to your needs. Tutors are experts in giving you important relevant curricula instead of vague irrelevant ones.

So, surely you would agree that this learning environment is what you seek, and we agree with you.

Basically, IH Cairo creates a stylized learning environment for you that strives for the best and most fruitful language learning experience. And hey, see it yourself!

Speak Arabic Fluently with IH Cairo Arabic Courses!

Arabic is the sixth most spoken language in the world with 420 million people around the world speaking the language.

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Media Arabic Syllabus

The Media Arabic curriculum includes various topics that intellect intermediate-level students with the social, political, cultural, and contemporary topics in Arab societies. These topics are:

1. Elections

This part focuses on the societal and political section of the media; particularly the elections campaign.

As you learn about the voting process, you’ll also learn how citizens play an important role in the electoral system.

Also, IH Cairo’s courses engage the learners in activities such as pre-reading discussions, organizing information in context, critical reading, and analyzing content to improve Arabic language communication skills in particular and basic language skills overall.

2. Conflicts and Terrorism

In this section, advanced students understand the legal nature of conflicts, know about the different perspectives of terrorism and extremism, and classify various kinds of conflicts within and across the region.

They also learn different advanced language skills such as critical reading and decluttering texts to understand them better.

Overall, international students dive deeper into the linguistic and grammatical rules as they move along.

3. Meetings and Conferences

Do you have an interest in talks and conferences? Then you are going to love this part of Media Arabic Courses.

You’ll practice reading large texts at a greater pace as well as picking up valuable tips on planning effective meetings and how to generate results after the meetings and evaluate feedback.

4. Demonstrations

Demonstrations are actions taken by a group of people in support of a cause or in protest against something they oppose.

You’ll learn here more information about demonstrations and protests and their history in Arab regions while getting advanced instruction in grammar and stylistic features of the modern Arabic language.

5. Business and Finance

The goal of this section is to give you a basic understanding of business and finance and to provide comments and analyses about the national and international business community.

Accordingly, reading and interpreting the key financial statements will become second nature to you.

You will attain new vocabulary lists and sentence forms as you learn, and become more acquainted with the use of the Arabic language.

How to Know If I’m a Good Fit

If you want to know if you’re a good fit for Media Arabic courses, then you should know what this course aims for you to learn.

The course’s aim is to help you:

  • Master core vocabulary and structures that you may find on the front-page news.
  • Know how to read extended media texts on a range of topics and analyze authentic newspaper articles.
  • Understand and interpret recorded material and authentic news videos on different Arabic broadcasts.
  • Form your own opinions and commentaries on different social and cultural issues.
  • Recognize various modes of coverage and detect bias in your journalistic study.
  • Distinguish fact from opinion.

So, if you’re a post-intermediate level of MSA (level 6 or above), and you see that the aims above resemble your own ones, then what are you waiting for?

You’re indeed our perfect candidate for this course.

Over to You

Fulfilling your passion for both improving your Arabic and getting into the media industry is a real dream that you are one step away from.

The Media Arabic program that IH Cairo offer is dedicated to those who have these kinds of dreams like you.

Apply for the media Arabic course right now and begin your Arabic media career!

 Frequently Asked Questions About Media Arabic Courses

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