10 Powerful Hacks to Gain Confidence Speaking Arabic Fast

Do you find difficulty in speaking Arabic Fast? Would you like to speak Arabic fluently like Native Arabic language Speakers? This article is for you! Here are the top 10 secrets you should do to gain confidence speaking Arabic. 

Marhaba! Learning Arabic as a foreign language is rewarding because it is one of the top ten most spoken languages in the world. Additionally, it is the mother tongue of over 273 million native speakers. On the other hand, it is a challenging endeavour, especially when it has nothing in common with your native language. Speaking is usually the most common weakness for almost all Arabic learners. If you are an advanced learner struggling to improve your Arabic speaking skills, this article is for you! We will provide some useful tips and tricks to help you gain confidence speaking Arabic fast.

Before we reveal our secrets, let us first explore what differentiates a good speaker from a bad one. A wide range of vocabulary helps you pick up the accurate word in a specific context. Besides, you ought to use correct grammar and sentence structure to express your ideas clearly and logically. Your pronunciation is also crucial because you may change the whole meaning of a sentence if you mispronounce a word. The final element is fluency; you need to speak at a reasonable pace without pausing frequently to find suitable words, as this may disrupt your listeners. Here are ten tips for overcoming the fear of speaking Arabic and improving these four skills.

How to Gain Confidence Speaking Arabic Fast

Research has shown that feeling anxious or uncomfortable while speaking Arabic can cause self-doubt, thus affecting your Arabic language skills. For example, you might see someone who knows a few Arabic words yet gets into Arabic conversations with others easily. On the other hand, another person might study the language a lot but cannot talk to anyone.

The best solution to overcome language anxiety is to immerse yourself in an Arabic-speaking environment. In addition, practising speaking on a daily basis will improve your speaking skills immensely. The more you practice, the better you will speak the language. The following are some useful hacks that will help you gain confidence speaking Arabic fast like native Arabic speakers.

1. Keep A Vocabulary List

Another important hack that can help you gain confidence speaking Arabic fast is to expand your vocabulary. Create a list of all new words and phrases you want to remember. Practice them in your daily conversation. Add more vocabulary to the list, and never stop learning. Every week, review all the words and phrases in the list again and again to keep them fresh in your memory.

To interact with native Arabic language users of both genders and of different ages, use the correct honorary titles, like “أستاذ”/ Ostath, which means Mr, “أستاذة”/ Ostatha, which means Ms/ Mrs, and “آنسة” /Anesa, which means Ms. Furthermore, learn Arabic conjunctions and linking words because they will allow you to express your ideas smoothly and fluently.

Learning the 500 most used Arabic words is also another effective thing you can do to expand your vocabulary and gain confidence speaking Arabic. Learn at least five words a day. Familiarise yourself with the pronunciation and meaning of these commonly used words, as they will help you win new friends.

Additionally, learn the common Arabic idioms, sayings, expressions and phrases to spice up your conversations and sound native. They allow you to understand the sentence structure of the Arabic language and express yourself clearly in this language like native speakers.

2. Rehearse

If you have an interview with an employee, you take most of the day before to rehearse. Similarly, always prepare things to say ahead of time so that you can speak fluently about yourself, your hobbies and your family. Prepare a list of the frequently asked questions and answer them on a separate sheet. Then, practice reading them out loud to avoid losing words in any future Arabic conversation. Additionally, reading out loud will help you acquire new words and familiarise yourself with their correct pronunciation.

You can record yourself when you speak Arabic. Then, play it back and try to identify your mistakes. Do it several times until you feel comfortable with your pronunciation and level of fluency. This way, you will learn from your mistakes and gain confidence speaking Arabic fast. You can record an Arabic text, tongue twister, translated Arabic Text and other things.

3. Surf the Internet for Online Arabic Sources

The web is full of online Arabic sources that will help you pick up Arabic quickly. Surf the internet, and you will find the information you need and more anytime and anywhere at no cost.

4. Learn the Arabic Alphabet

Unlike English and other European languages, you read Arabic from right to left. There are also some letters that do not exist in any language other than Arabic, and vice versa. In addition, short vowel sounds are not available in the Arabic language. Instead, you write symbols above or beneath the consonant letters to indicate a vowel sound. These symbols are fatha, kasra and damma. Using those symbols, you can pronounce each Arabic letter in three different forms. That’s why you should learn the Arabic alphabet and the correct pronunciation of each letter/sound.

5. Improve Your Arabic Grammar

Improving your Arabic grammar is also essential to gain confidence speaking Arabic. You need to perfectly structure sentences in Arabic to have a cohesive speech with logical ideas. Unlike English, the structure of an Arabic sentence goes as a verb, a subject and a direct object. Sometimes, Arabic language users exclude the verb from the sentence because it has an implied verb “to be”.

Also, memorise the question words and know how to use each one correctly when you ask a question. Purchase a good Arabic grammar book and keep it as a reference at your home. Moreover, improve your conjugation skills in the Arabic language. You will use it to conjugate adjectives, gender nouns and corresponding verb forms.

6. Join Online Arabic Communities and Forums

A great way to practice speaking Arabic fast is to join online supportive Arabic-speaking communities and forums. It allows you to have an online practice partner and give an impromptu conversation regularly. Moreover, you can speak with a native speaker and learn new phrases and expressions. You can also connect with an Arabic language expert who can give you feedback and provide valuable tips on how to progress.

7. Immerse Yourself in the Language and Its Culture

Another effective hack that will help you gain confidence speaking Arabic fast is to immerse yourself in Arabic-speaking environments. Surround yourself with Arabic as much as possible. You can:

  • Change the language on your cellphone or computer to Arabic.
  • Write notes in Arabic.
  • Try cooking some delicious recipes from one of the Arabic-speaking countries.
  • Watch Arabic movies or TV shows.
  • Listen to English podcasts
  • Attend an event in ElSawy Culturewheel.

8. Practice Shadowing Native Speakers

Furthermore, expose yourself daily to useful Arabic language input for several weeks. Then, say what Arabic speakers say the moment you hear it. Shadowing native speakers is an amazing hack that will help you gain confidence speaking Arabic, increase your fluency and improve your accent. Remember! Try to maintain a normal rate of speech with a clear voice.

9. Normalise Making Mistakes

We are all human beings, and we all make mistakes. Do not be afraid of making mistakes, and practice speaking at every chance you get. The more you practice, the faster you master speaking Arabic like Arabic speakers.

10. Take Some Time Off

Language learning takes a lot of time, and you should be patient. That’s why you should take breaks every now and then to free your mind.


Learning Arabic is fun and enjoyable. To gain confidence speaking Arabic fast, you should learn the Arabic alphabet and improve your Arabic grammar. You should also expand your vocabulary and practice them on a daily basis. Immersing yourself in the Arabic language and its culture is also an important hack to develop your Arabic speaking skills.

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