Can I Apply For The CELTA Course Online?

Are you looking to get the most famous and preferred English teaching Certificate for businesses and employers?
Taking CELTA online using laptop

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Are you looking to acquire the English teaching certificate most employers and businesses look for?
If so, you may have considered applying for the CELTA course online because of the current circumstances.

But, is the CELTA application available online?
Do they give the same advantages as the CELTA course that teaches Face to Face?
Or are there differences between them?

Can You Get the Celta Course Online?

The answer is yes.
You can take the CELTA course online.
Here we have to clarify an important point that many people get confused with, wherever getting CELTA  has long been available with two teaching systems.

The first is CELTA in the popular way known as Offline Learning Or as it is called  Face 2 Face.
The second is CELTA with the Blended Learning System, Recently it became available to take CELTA with the FULLY ONLINE study system.

With everyone aware of the first and most popular method, which is going to one of the Cambridge Assessment English accredited training academies and studying there, Face 2 Face.
Let’s start by explaining the Blended Course.
It is that you study a part of the training course online, and the other part, you have to go to the academy or the training center to complete the rest of the lectures, so in this case, the course is not 100% online.

So it gets mixed up with some when he sees an advertisement for an Online CELTA course and finds in the ad description written that one of the conditions is to go to the academy to complete the course.
In fact, this course is not online, but it is called Blended.

The other type that we are talking about in this article is the Fully Online CELTA course.
It is that you complete all performance requirements online, and you do not need to go to the training center in this case.

Not all places offer this type of CELTA, so you should contact the academy first to find out if the course will be entirely online or not.

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Become an Accredited English Teacher with the CELTA.

Take the CELTA course with us. The CELTA is highly regarded by employers around the world as it is the most highly respected of its kind in the world.

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How Is This Course Taught Online?

Online CELTA training takes place across a mix of modules, virtual classes, and discussion forums. You will also need to meet your personal teaching requirements, including 6 hours of teaching spread over eight different sessions.
These sessions are done in practice groups and monitored by your peers.
It contains a set of types of lessons that you will teach students.

At the beginning of the course, students will be divided into small groups to practice teaching, and the Main Course Tutor will be appointed to guide you during the practice of teaching.

In total, you will teach 6 hours to groups between 6 and 12 students.
You will receive individual support during classroom planning, and the Main Course Tutor will monitor you and provide notes on the classes you are studying.

You will also have the opportunity to monitor your peers and give them feedback about their lessons.
You will deliver All classes via Zoom platform and will teach at least two levels.
Also, there is a dedicated input session on teaching in ‘real’ classrooms and three video views for this type of class as part of the training.

What Are the Advantages of Online CELTA?

  1. You can access study materials at any time, giving you flexibility in planning between taking the CELTA and other obligations in your life.
  2. You will learn to teach online, which is a skill of increasing importance that you won’t find in the CELTA Face To Face course.
  3. There will be no travelling, housing, and living costs in another country for a month.

How do you find a training centre that teaches the Online CELTA course?

The Cambridge English website has a list of all the training centers that offer this course.
International House Cairo is an Authorized Exam Center by Cambridge Assessment English to offer the Cambridge CELTA.

You can contact us to inquire and book in the next training course.

Apply for the upcoming CELTA course now!

This certificate is the most sought after by employers offering English language teaching jobs abroad or in prestigious organizations.

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