Is CELTA Course Difficult? What to Do About It?

The CELTA qualification is the most reputable qualification for teaching English and is highly desired by the schools worldwide
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The CELTA qualification is the most reputable qualification for teaching English and is highly desired by schools worldwide. If you’ve ever searched “how to teach English as a foreign language, there’s no doubt you came across it during your search. Many people, though, are wondering: Is the CELTA course difficult?.

To be honest, for sure, it’s challenging. However, if you’re organized, have a plan, and listen to your teacher’s instructions carefully, the class will be a breeze, and you’ll learn a lot.

Is the CELTA course difficult?

No, it isn’t. If you’re willing to give this course the effort and time it needs, then you can’t say that the CELTA course is hard.

Of course, there are a lot of assignments, tasks, and work that need to be done, but at the end of the day, you’re the decider of your fate. Keep this in mind: the class is designed to turn complete beginners into professional English teachers in merely 4 weeks. That means lectures are going to be intense.

Additionally, not every CELTA learner is the same, so what seems a bit challenging for you is easier for another learner. But that’s fine because this course is tailored to provide you with the main details of every aspect of the teaching process. Those aspects are like lesson planning and classroom management.

So, for example, if you find the lesson planning hard, another learner might find the classroom management harder. However, the key to get through the part that is challenging for you is to specify some of your time for this part only. In this way, you’ll not get overwhelmed with all the details and other parts of the course.

Once you finish that part, go for the other parts of the program!

Moreover, if you prepare yourself appropriately and do everything that’s required of you in class, being successful won’t be a problem.

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14 Tips to Make Your Life Easy While in the CELTA Program

  • Carefully follow the instructions that your instructor gives you. They are very important!
  • Pay attention to your instructor’s feedback. Constructive feedback always provides great opportunities to improve!
  • Make sure to plan ahead. Being organized will help you accomplish more.
  • Take notes on everything in class, so you know which classroom strategies work and which don’t. Every moment of the course is a chance to learn.
  • While you’ll learn lots of information in class about how to teach, read more ESL materials outside of class like how to manage your classroom, correct students, and deal with parts of speech.
  • Don’t worry about being judged. Focus on giving your future students the best learning experience.
  • Ask more questions. By asking questions you’ll find out a lot of useful information.
  • Keep it simple and don’t get overwhelmed. When you feel lost in the course, find the easiest, smallest step and do it first.
  • Know your limitations and prepare yourself accordingly. If you’re weak in grammar and want to focus more on it, study before the session.
  • Know the structure of the curriculum and how it’s designed and for whom.
  • Cooperate with your fellow trainees. Doing this will help you get more out of your CELTA course.
  • Make sure you’re tech-savvy or at least be open to becoming computer savvy. While you’ll handwrite lesson plans and other materials, writing everything simply eats up an excessive amount of time, and time management will be a key component of the class.
  • Don’t worry about every single part of the curriculum. Focus on what’s happening right now at moment and give it your full attention.
  • Figure out how to organize all the handouts and worksheets given to you during the lectures that are to be used for lesson planning. Your trainers will reference these materials and ask you to review them. You may even have to pull them out at a moment’s notice.


The undeniable truth is that if you’re accepted into the program and complete it successfully, in four short weeks you’ll earn one of the highest qualifications for teaching English that will give you so many opportunities to teach all over the world.

Yes, it’ll be challenging, but if you’re physically, emotionally and intellectually ready for the challenge, you’ll undoubtedly achieve success in your CELTA course

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