Best Online English Teaching Companies to Work For!

In the field of teaching English, it is crucial for English teachers to get their CELTA certification in order to have plenty of job opportunities.
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Do you want to teach English online? Here are the best online teaching companies to work for!

In the field of teaching English, it is crucial for English teachers to get their CELTA certification in order to have plenty of job opportunities. When it comes to teaching online, the Online CELTA course opens the door for several online English teaching companies and organizations which are already headed this way.

One of the advantages of doing the Online CELTA is that you will gain the ability to teach remotely through several websites and online platforms, which means you can easily get a job teaching English from the comfort of your home.

Teachers usually consider working for English teaching companies online in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Working from home means more flexibility and more time to study or enjoy your personal life. It gives you the freedom to travel anywhere, anytime, and since there’s no commute to work, it saves you from sitting in traffic during the dreaded rush hour.

If you’re not very keen on waking up early every morning to go to work, or if you’re just looking for a part-time job next to your full-time job or studies, then there is no better time than the present to look into online English teaching from home. Nowadays, online English teaching companies are becoming vital, so it is the perfect time for you to become CELTA certified and get a job with one of these companies.

What to Do Before Applying for an Online English Teaching Job?

First: Master the English language to an exceptional level and get a certificate in teaching English.

While there are a number of English teaching companies online that don’t require a bachelor’s degree, in most cases you will need to prove that you have a proficient level of English and a certificate in teaching the language, like the online CELTA.

Second: Search for online English teaching jobs on the internet. But before you begin your research, you should ask yourself “what is it that you really want from teaching English online?.” For example, are you looking for a flexible schedule with unlimited working hours? Or perhaps you’d like some freedom to travel while working? Or maybe a good salary? Set the benefits and perks you are looking for first in order to make the right choice.

There are lots of English teaching companies that specialise in teaching online, and the online CELTA certificate will qualify you to land a job at any one of these companies.

When you work online, your salary will be hourly based, which is somewhere between $10 and $25 per hour, depending on your experience.

7 Steps to Register with Any of These Companies and You Can Start Working Right After:

  1. Download the company’s application or visit the website and sign up.
  2. Choose a good picture of yourself for your profile picture.
  3. Write a short CV.
  4. Complete your CV with your qualifications.
  5. Record a video talking about your qualifications and experience, it should be longer than 30 seconds. You should also put emphasis on your proficiency and how clear your pronunciation is.
  6. Fill in your weekly available time for teaching classes.
  7. Read and agree on the user’s agreement and carefully review the conditions for each website.
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Become an Accredited English Teacher with the CELTA.

Take the CELTA course with us. The CELTA is highly regarded by employers around the world as it is the most highly respected of its kind in the world.

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The Best Online English Teaching Companies to Work For


Hiring English speakers and applicants with a bachelor’s degree.

Teaching English online to Chinese students (from KG to grade 9).

Pays up to $25/hr.

Do you have a set routine and are looking for a fixed weekly work schedule?

DaDa is one of the highest paying online teaching companies, so if you like money and routine, this might be the company for you!

DaDa’s teachers earn between $15 to $25 per hour depending on how good they do in the interview.

How are lessons scheduled? All you need to do is specify your weekly availability (minimum of two hours, two days a week) and the website will assign you students.

If you want to change your schedule, you have to send a notice 30 days before the days you want to change your schedule on.


Hiring English speakers with a bachelor’s degree.

Applicants have to be CELTA certified.

Pays up to $24/hr.

Do you want to teach adults? Or do you prefer teaching kids? Do you want to make a lot of money?

iTutor Group’s teachers make around $18 to $24 per hour. Additionally, there’s the chance to earn more money depending on the number of students and their rating and comments about your lessons.

Teachers are asked to teach a minimum of 10 hours a week, 4 of them have to be at the weekend.


PalFish is a mobile phone-based educational platform, which means you will need an android or iOS smartphone. With PalFish, you can teach group or one-to-one classes.

Requirements: to apply to PalFish as a teacher, you need to be highly proficient in English, have good communication skills, as well as a passion for teaching, and an English teaching certificate(TEFL / TESOL / CELTA)

Payment: you set your own rate.

For the one-to-one classes, the average rate is $10-$18 per hour. However, some teachers make more than $30 an hour.

Note: the payment is only done through Payoneer, so you’ll need to have an account first to receive it.

Working hours: as a teacher on PalFish, you’ll have much flexibility over your working hours.

Application process:

Download the PalFish application and follow the instructions.

Choose a good profile picture.

Write a short summary about yourself (must be at least 100 words).

Record a video introducing yourself, and it should be no less than 30 seconds long focusing on your qualifications and English pronunciation.

Go to “My Wallet” and fill in the information regarding your payment.

Once you are done, it will take two working days to verify your account.


Lingoda has more than 6000 students for more than 7000 live classrooms per week, 24 hours a day. Students at Lingoda can learn English, German, French, and Spanish in small groups or privately, and the teacher is provided with the material he/she will teach.


To be a teacher on Lingoda, you have to have more than two years experience, a certificate in teaching English (TEFL / TESOL / CELTA), and be a native speaker of the language you will teach (in this case, the English language).

Payment: Somewhere between 7 to 11 euros per hour.

Working hours: You can make your own schedule and pick your classes from a job list available 24/7.

How to apply:

There are two ways to apply to Lingoda:

Fill in an application and wait for the reply.

Or send a one-minute video to and don’t forget to mention your qualifications and experience.


Verbling is an online platform that connects qualified language teachers with language learners via live video chat. Teachers can teach from anywhere in the world using a computer with internet access. Teachers in Verbling teach using the Verbling video app and its built-in chat.


Verbling asks for previous teaching experience in the native language of the teacher and you should state that in your CV when applying for the job.

A recommendation letter or a reference letter from one of your professors.

A Teaching certificate (CELTA) is preferred and will increase your chances of getting the job.

Non-accredited teaching certificates will not be accepted.

You must be a native speaker of English.


Teachers set their own rate per hour and earn 85% of what students pay and a 15% commission goes to Verbling. You can cash out your payment through different ways Such as PayPal, Payoneer, Verbling Credit, or TransferWise.

Working hours:

Teachers can teach an unlimited number of private classes on Verbling. The app has an automatic booking system where students can book any opening time in the teachers’ schedule.

Students can cancel or reschedule a class at least 12 hours in advance with a notification without being charged; and if it is not within 12 hours, the students are charged 50% as a late cancellation fee.

How to apply:

Create an account on Verbling and fill in an application. There are 9 steps to the process:

  1. Complete a personal profile with a picture.
  2. State the languages you teach and speak
  3. Record a short demo class video.
  4. Write a short CV.
  5. Complete your CV with your qualifications.
  6. Provide your weekly availability.
  7. Upload your ID.
  8. Complete the internet test.
  9. Read and accept Verbling’s agreement.

As you probably noticed, most online English teaching companies require you to have an accredited teaching certificate like CELTA. So don’t wait any longer and begin your new career path in teaching with IH Cairo and your Online CELTA!

Apply for the upcoming CELTA course now!

This certificate is the most sought after by employers offering English language teaching jobs abroad or in prestigious organizations.

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