Where to Get the Cheapest CELTA Course?

If you are seeking to become an English teacher, getting the CELTA is an essential step in your career
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If you are seeking to become an English teacher, getting the CELTA is an essential step in your career. This degree is accredited by Cambridge Assessment English and is considered one of the most prestigious qualifications for teaching English abroad. The course prepares potential teachers for the future through intensive six-hour courses and hands-on training with the Course Tutor.

However, you may wonder; where can you get the cheapest CELTA course?

Factors That Determine the Appropriate Place for the Training Course?

Most of the factors are considered fixed when choosing a CELTA course since all places are accredited from one place, which is the Cambridge Assessment English.

Also, all of them teach the same curriculum, and finally, the Course Tutors for the course are having the same level of experience and competence. So, the selection process is intricate, but there is another factor that may help you in choosing, which is the price.

Does the Price of CELTA Vary from Country to Country?

The price is an essential factor in choosing the best place to attend the course. However, you won’t find a significant difference in price between the centers of this course, This is due to the similarity of most of the factors we mentioned, and it may be the cost of the course fixed or very close,

 But other costs need to be taken into consideration.

Do You Want to Get the CELTA Course at the Lowest Cost?

Choose the Country Before the Course

It would help if you first thought about the most appropriate countries to study. When choosing a country, there are some questions that you must answer:

  • Does this country need a visa? How easy to get?
  • How much does a visa cost? Do you need an agent for that, or can you extract it yourself?
  • Time to finish getting a visa?
  • How do you choose the appropriate housing in this country?
  • Do you need trips or internal transportation? Will you pay a lot for transfers?
  • What is the cost of living?

Egypt is considered one of the most suitable countries that offers the cheapest CELTA course due to its low cost of living.

What distinguishes Egypt is not only the low price but also its history, civilization, and beauty that you can enjoy during your stay in it.

Is It Easy to Get an Entry Visa to Egypt?

Obtaining a visa for Egypt is very easy, and you can get it online through the Egyptian e-Visa Portal website. Visit the website, create your account, and then fill out the required form.

The website also allows you to pay online. How much does a visa cost?

One entry visa (tourism) costs twenty-five US dollars.
Multiple entry visa (tourism) costs sixty dollars.

Your application for an electronic visa must be no less than seven working days before you travel to Egypt.

The most famous tourist attractions in the vicinity of Cairo, which you can visit while you are in Egypt:

The Pyramids of Giza – The Egyptian Museum – Al-Azhar Mosque – The Hanging Church – Khan Al-Khalili – Salah El-Din Al-Ayoubi Castle – Sultan Hassan Mosque – Bab Zuweila – Al-Moez Deen Allah Street – Ibn Tulun Mosque – Al-Azhar Park

One Of Celta Graduates

Become an Accredited English Teacher with the CELTA.

Take the CELTA course with us. The CELTA is highly regarded by employers around the world as it is the most highly respected of its kind in the world.

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How to Choose the Right Place to Stay in Egypt?

There are three ways you can locate the best place. But before talking about the three methods, there is a point that is common between them, which is the region in which you want to live.

Some of the places that can suit you to live in Cairo are Dokki, Downtown, Giza, the sixth of October, and Sheikh Zayed.

Why Are These Places Best Suited?

Due to its presence in the center, where you can reach any place from it, comfortable transportation to and from these places, and the availability of metro stations in some of them, it facilitates the transfer process.

After talking about the areas in which it is preferable to stay, let’s jump into the appropriate ways to determine the best housing in these areas.

The first method, “If you are looking for a hotel,”: through “Booking” website. We all know this site well, and you may have used it before. It is simple, even if you did not see this site before, we would explain the steps and apply it in Egypt, but you can use it to any country you choose to study in. All you have to do is:

Entering the site – selecting the country “Egypt” – defining the region “Dokki – the sixth of October – determining the date of arrival – determining the date of departure – determining the number of people – determining the number of rooms – searching.

You will find all the hotels in this region; you can sort them by price or number of stars. You can also check the visitors’ reviews of these places to know whether it is good or not.

There is also a great feature on the site that you can determine that traveling for business. Then the site nominates some suitable places for you in terms of availability of breakfast and the availability of the Internet and other features that you need to work.

The second way “If you are looking for a room in an apartment”: You can find a suitable room through Facebook, for example, a group “Accommodation in Cairo, room, flat” or some other group, you will find many available places.

The third way “also to look for a room in an apartment”: Airbnb website, its idea is that someone has a room or place inside their apartment and is looking for a tenant for that place. Upon entering, the site asks you to choose the location, date of arrival and departure, number of people, then click on Search.

The available places show up, you can know people’s opinions about these places, and then you can sort them by price.

In this selection, you will find some people with knowledge of some languages other than English “if it is not your primary language,” and you will also find people who have traveled to many countries and have knowledge of different cultures.

What About Transfers Inside Egypt?

There are many means of internal transportation that you can rely on for your transfers. such as; the metro or taxi cars, or you can use the Uber or its alternative service “Careem Company,” and these services are considered the best in terms of the service provided.

Uber service is simply an application that is loaded on the mobile through which you can order the taxi closest to your location to take you to the place you want.

The cost of the service varies depending on the distance, but let’s say you live on the sixth of October, and the course is in Dokki. The distance between the two points is about 41 kilometers, the cost of the Uber service for this distance is 200 Egyptian pounds; the equivalent of $ 5

If you calculate your movements per week, the cost of weekly transfers maybe 48$ per week, which means less than 200$ per month.

Food and drinks.

For buying your daily food and beverage needs, there are many options.
There are many supermarket branches that contain everything you need, from these places:

Ragab Sons – Metro – Al-Mahmal – Carrefour – Khair Zaman – Saudi

One visit to any site may be sufficient to buy all your needs.

There are also small-sized shops located in each of the streets of Cairo, you can also buy your needs from them, and you can also order food at any time, most of these shops are open 24/7

Add to that the Otlob service through which you can view many restaurants, menus, and evaluations of the restaurant, and you can order food through the application after selecting the meal and your favorite restaurant.

What About Cinema and Entertainment?

If you like the cinema and watching movies, there are many great cinemas inside Cairo can spend the weekend there. Such as IMAX & Plaza Cinema – Galaxy Cineplex Mall of Arabia – VOX Cinemas Mall of Egypt

Final thoughts

Your choice of Egypt to study this training course is one of the best decisions for what this country contains many different experiences that you will go through during your stay in it.

Besides studying and achieving your dream of teaching the English language, you will have the opportunity to learn about the immortal civilization of this ancient country and learn the culture and customs of its people. It will be an enjoyable, different, and enriching experience in all respects. Feel free to book your place on the next CELTA course

Apply for the upcoming CELTA course now!

This certificate is the most sought after by employers offering English language teaching jobs abroad or in prestigious organizations.

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