How to Expand Your Vocabulary

learning a new language is overwhelming and the necessity to know every word is stressful but uncalled for because at first, all you need to learn are words you need.
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“. . . while without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed” Wilkins (1972).

A rich vocabulary is the most essential element in language learning; it enables you to communicate your ideas, express yourself better and enhances all your other skills like writing, reading, and speaking.  

Best Ways to Expand Your Vocabulary

One of the most recommended ways to expand your vocabulary is through reading since viewing words in the context of books, articles, and conversations helps you understand and figure out the meaning of words that are new to you. And the repetition of the words you already know will help you remember them. It also introduces you to more sophisticated words that you wouldn’t have learned elsewhere.

Flashcards are another way to quickly gain more vocabulary and nowadays numerous apps offer to design creative and fun flashcards to help you feel motivated.

Besides learning through visual aid, help the information stick to your long-term memory by having pictures or symbols drawn beside the word you are trying to learn to help your brain connect between the drawing and the word.

Since visual aid helps you link words to their meaning, audio learning helps improve your pronunciation and helps you understand how natives speak. Watching a movie for example in the desired language helps you collect more vocabulary as well as understand how and when to use it.

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It might, however, be overwhelming being exposed to this huge amount of data at once, which may lead to you forgetting everything you’ve learned. That’s why it’s important to pick words that you can use in your daily and work life.

Splitting it up is another technique that helps you learn new vocabulary and create meaningful sentences, all you gotta do is find the words you need to memorize.

Then you start by either putting them in a small phrase or using phrasebooks, books, videos, etc. after putting each word in a sentence -you can add two words in one sentence- you start to memorize them, but now the process will be much easier since they won’t be scattered words.

After getting the hang of them, switch it up by using synonyms for the words in the same chunks (the phrases you created) and be as flexible as you can with them so that you can change them up when having a conversation.

Learn What Benefits You

In the end, you need to learn the words that are relevant to you and specific to your own needs.  For example, if you are not an entomologist (a scientist that studies insects), there is no need for you to learn every insect name; sure, if you are interested in this field, learn it when you start building and developing your language better.

However, some people may find it hard to choose the words they will need or to pick which words to prioritize based on their level and interests.

This is why Voxy incorporates personalization into every aspect of your learning process; it designs a unique vocabulary curriculum for each and every user to guarantee that everyone benefits from the material. Since you will be learning something made specifically for you, it automatically makes you more engaged and more willing to learn.

Voxy also makes sure that the vocabulary you are learning is up-to-date as it chooses the most known and widely used words spoken by natives today; it gathers this information from all over the spectrum e.g. youtube videos, best-selling books, content by natives, even pop music to ensure that both ends can understand one another in a conversation. 

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