No More “One-Course-Fits-All”

are you done with committing to a course, putting in the hard work, and not improving? Well, here is why your language skills aren’t developing and how to get better.
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Nowadays, students don’t benefit from the stacks of worksheets and the standard way of teaching and that’s due to the fact that in a typical old school classroom, there is a huge gap between the instructor and the student. Why is that?

Well, because teachers aren’t using the same language as the learner and often provide the information in a passive way, which isn’t attractive to the students and can create a gap between the students themselves, between ones that are far ahead and ones that are far behind.

The Need for Personalized Learning

The word personalization is frequently used since it’s very attractive for the user, however, how this personalization is applied to the course is rarely disclosed. Now before we talk about how Voxy incorporates personalization into its material, we need to understand what is a personalized course and why is it important.

Personalized learning is an instructional approach that addresses the learner’s specific needs, cultural background, and interests. This method is an alternative to the “one-course-fits-all” approach that has proven its failure time and time again.

This method is centered around the student since its educational and instructional decisions are based on the student’s needs, not what’s easier or more convenient for the teacher.

To personalize the material, instructors first determine the interests, needs and abilities of each individual. second, they provide customized learning experiences that fit each unique learner. Lastly, the process of each student is tracked to determine what needs to be modified and what are they responding to the best. 

Now that we discussed the main definition of personalized learning, we need to understand why it’s important for the learner.

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Importance of personalization

The biggest setback when it comes to learning in general, and language learning specifically, is the learner’s attention span; if the learner isn’t interested in what he/she is being taught, he/she simply won’t learn. That’s why putting relevant and interesting content is essential to the learning process, giving them reading, listening, speaking, and writing material made just for them increases their learning curve and their language skills.

This is what Voxy basically does; it tailors its course to fit every user and continues to change and adapt it based on how the learner is responding.

Voxy depends on contextual learning, which is the theory that argues that learning occurs only when students process new information or knowledge in such a way that it makes sense to them in their own frames of reference since the mind seeks to link between what it’s learning and what it encounters in real life. This means that by providing the learner with content that is relevant to him/her, the learner is able to understand and memorize what he/she is being taught. 

Due to the development of technology and online learning, the process of acquiring the interests and needs of the students has become easier, and tailoring the material to fit the unique personalities of the students has become very accessible.

Voxy has then taken some burden off the teacher’s shoulders by designing materials for each student, thus making the teaching process easier, helping them deliver a better outcome, and making them use their time more effectively.

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