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Voxy is all about giving you the best English course.
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One of the main problems with online learning is that you never fully understand how the million “unique” features actually help you learn and improve the language.

We mostly choose the platform solely on reviews and prices, neglecting the importance of figuring out if this course will benefit you.

Now How Will Voxy Benefit You?

Well, Voxy specializes in personalizing its course to fit everyone’s needs; it adjusts and adapts according to how the user is processing.

One of the most important benefits of personalizing the course is that all the assignments and instructions given to the user are tailored to each individual, which helps to challenge them appropriately and help them reach the next level. 

And to make sure that each user is satisfied, Voxy’s LXP (learning experience platform) is designed to put the learning process in the hands of the student, not the instructor, which means that the learner gets to choose the material they want and to set their own goals. What a time to be a student!

Voxy also understands how each and every one of its users has a different learning pace and how they don’t all learn at the same speed. That’s why the whole course is customized to make sure that they fully grasp the material.

Another important feature that helped Voxy win multiple awards like the “EdTech Cool Tool Award” and the “ Academic’s choice smart media award” and many more is utilizing real-life content to its favor.

As in, they base the whole course on material from the daily life of native speakers, from English-speaking news outlets to the favorite book, songs, and shows of its users to ensure that at the end of the day what you learned can actually be used in the real world by you.

Try the 24/7 Online English Courses with Voxy!

Voxy offers online English courses for all purposes on one platform and all of the courses are available 24/7 so you can flexibly manage your time.

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What Does Voxy Offer?

If I still haven’t convinced you that Voxy is your best option to learn English from the comfort of your bed while drinking your favorite drink and even eating some popcorn, well, I’m about to change your mind since Voxy offers a huge amount of career-specific courses so no one is left out.

You could acquire new knowledge from reading different papers and researches written in English; your understanding of your field or a field that you are interested in will enhance and you will be able to perform better. This will help boost your chances in the job market since a lot of companies, especially international ones, are always looking for good English speakers in different fields.

Don’t worry, we aren’t done yet! What sets Voxy apart is that they offer to collaborate with institutions, whether they are educational or not, to create specially made courses for them and their users.

For example, Voxy partnered with AirFrance to create an optional language learning program to help their aviation team connect and fully understand their passengers.

The course was a perfect fit and even though it was optional, almost all the crew used it and in no time they were developing and getting better at communicating with passengers.

Understanding the process, the features, and the benefits that affect your learning process is a must since it will determine if all the hard work you put in pays off or not.

Online English Courses for ALL Purposes!

Study English now with qualified teachers which offer English courses for all specializations. In addition, you can study English at anytime and at any place through the Voxy mobile app.

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