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Learning English online is a great way to advance your career. Learn English with Voxy!
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Online English courses have become more popular, especially due to the current situation. And with the rise in popularity, you might be confused about which platforms are best to learn English online.

Choosing a good Virtual Classroom Software is crucial before taking an online English course, which is why we have compiled some information that can help you decide on the best app for English online classes.

What Is a Virtual Classroom Software?

Before we decide on the best, let’s define the term “virtual classroom software”. Is every app that allows you to connect through your webcam and share screen considered a classroom? Is that the best way to engage in your online English course? Not at all! 

Web conferencing apps (like Zoom or WebEx) enable some basic things, but they do not offer the flexibility nor direction of purpose-built tools for online classes.

How to Choose the Best Virtual Classroom Software

Choosing the best virtual classroom software depends on many factors. Will the online English course be made up of multiple students? Or will it be one-on-one? 

Choosing the best platform to learn English online depends on your own needs. We suggest making a list of what is crucial for you to have in your online English course.

Fortunately, Voxy offers group classes, which are unlimited and available 24/7 and appropriate for every level, so you don’t need to worry about blending in with the rest of your peers.

Voxy also offers private sessions, which are one-on-one classes. This option is particularly great because you get to decide on the material that your teacher will use to teach you.

How to Find the Best Online Courses, According to Experts

As most, if not all, of us, have other commitments and priorities in life, such as work or family matters, we need to quickly adapt and start choosing a more efficient way of learning.

Traditional learning can be so inconvenient at times that you have to completely free yourself before you can actually take any course.

This is why online learning has become popular these past few years, and we’re here to tell you what is the best way to choose your online English course.

Before starting an online course, it’s great to note that with the rise of online work and people having jobs on the internet, an online-acquired certificate is great to have on your resume/CV.

If you’re looking for a certificate which can boost your professional life, go for accredited programs. A great example of this is Voxy.

Voxy is an online platform that helps you learn English online with the assistance of countless great tutors.

An important thing to do before you decide on the best app for English online courses is to view its option and how flexible it is. A big advantage of online courses is the convenience and flexibility that it offers, so you should never give such qualities up!

When it comes to Voxy sessions, you can choose from two options: the first is group classes, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can choose the class according to your own level of fluency in English so you needn’t worry about the level of the other trainees.

The other option is private sessions. They are one-on-one sessions between you and the tutor. The best thing about this option is that you have the freedom to choose what topic you get to learn about. All you have to do is discuss it with your tutor.

Voxy follows a theory called “contextual learning”. This theory says that the mind links between learning and life; it means that in order for you to effectively learn English, you need to link the knowledge you obtain with the real world.

Which is why Voxy uses real articles and other material from the real world in order to teach you efficiently and effectively.

Try the 24/7 Online English Courses with Voxy!

Voxy offers online English courses for all purposes on one platform and all of the courses are available 24/7 so you can flexibly manage your time.

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What Can You Learn From An Online Course Platform?

A great benefit for group classes is that they promote collaboration between you and the other trainees. The goal isn’t just so you learn English online, another common goal for everyone involved in the session is to develop great teamwork and work ethic.

Collaborating with the other students helps you better understand the English language, as well as training you how to teach others and be patient with them.

So, Why Have Apps Become so Important When It Comes to Learning English?

Upon research, you’ll come up with the conclusion that the best app for English online course is one that:

Encourage the learner to contribute to learning:

This will happen if you participate in choosing the appropriate material that the tutor will use to teach you. The benefit of this is that it’ll motivate you and therefore you’ll learn more effectively.

Provides educational support:

Whether it’s saved videos of previous sessions or the availability of tutors whenever you’re in need of help. Asking questions and having answers provided to you is a great way to learn English. 

Another great example of educational support is the contextual learning that Voxy provides, which teaches you English online and through real-life context and realistic material.

Tracks the learner’s performance:

Tracking your performance is essential in order to improve your skills and keep yourself motivated throughout the duration of the course.

Online Courses Vs. Traditional Learning

The world is moving towards online platforms to learn English nowadays more than ever before. The reason for this is the accessibility of online platforms more so than traditional classrooms or courses that might need transportation or even travel at times.

Traditional Learning:

In traditional learning, teachers have come to realize that the methodology of teaching is quite inefficient. The reason for this is simple: it’s not exciting for the students.

In most traditional classrooms, the main learning method for students is to sit quietly as the teacher explains the lessons and to just write some notes. This results in students forgetting the curriculum right after the exams are over. 

Online Courses:

When it comes to most online English courses (For example, the ones that Voxy provides), they’re starting to use interactive methods which will ensure that you won’t forget what lessons each session includes.

A great step towards efficient learning is the idea that learning comes from the material provided in real life. This includes: articles, newspapers, magazines or even videos. Anything can be used for the purpose of learning English.

Why interactive classroom collaboration?

Collaboration is a great skill to acquire for your career or your college life alike. Learning how to work with others calmly allows you to save time and energy as you go on.

Online English courses help you acquire such a skill by using interactive classrooms that require you to work with others and provide material for your next sessions in order for you to be involved in the learning process, not just as a student but also as a helper to the other trainees around you. 

The bottom line is: Voxy is all-around one of the best apps for English online courses; it has all the features that should be included in any great learning platform. Learning English online through Voxy will not only be enjoyable but will also significantly improve your career, even more so if you’re an English teacher.

Online English Courses for ALL Purposes!

Study English now with qualified teachers which offer English courses for all specializations. In addition, you can study English at anytime and at any place through the Voxy mobile app.

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