6 Essential Tips For Mastering the English language

Can you master the English language in your country without traveling to any foreign country? Is traveling abroad an essential thing to learn English?
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العربية :يمكنك قراءة هذا المقال باللغة

Can you master English in your country without travelling to an English speaking country? Is travelling abroad essential to learn English?

Learning English has become an essential skill today. Speaking English is not a luxury, but it is necessary in the Labor market, crucial to communicate with the outside world, and also indispensable for following up on the latest events that are happening in the world around us.

If you wish to travel, learning English will be your door to communicate with a large number of people around the world. 

In terms of the job market, English has become an essential requirement in any field, and your mastery of this language will open the door to a lot of job opportunities. It will also help you get promoted in your current job.

To be fluent in English you don’t have to travel abroad. However, it would help if you had time and effort to master it. In this article, we will introduce you to some tips that can help you learn and master English.

What we’ll talk about:

1. Practice

There is no magic solution to learn English quickly. All you need is constant effort and practice.

Practice continuously and follow up with your teacher at least two times a week. Following up with your teacher will help you improve your English quickly, as the teacher will tell you exactly which part you need to focus on. Also, he will help you find a way to improve your skills. In IH Cairo, we follow that way with our students in our courses, every level in English is three weeks, two sessions per week. 

It would help if you also practised the language outside the classroom, by using many resources which you can find on the Internet. Whether movies, songs, or news in international newspapers.

Also, studies have shown that thinking in English significantly improves your language and makes your decisions more rational.

2. Motivation

You must know your motive to learn English. Like any goal in life, you surely have reasons for learning English, and there is also a motivation for learning this language.

  • Do you want to travel abroad?
  • Or career advancement is your motivation to learn the language?
  • Are you looking for a better job?

Whatever your goal, it must be set before you all the time as it is what drives you to continue learning.

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3. Study Schedule

It would help if you had an explicit schedule for learning English. This schedule should contain dates for learning and the skill that you want to focus on.

The schedule should be designed to help you practice daily. The skills you learn every day can be as simple as listening to an audiobook while, for example, commuting to work or college, or practicing some words while having a meal.

4. Know Your Type as a Learner

Not everyone learns the same way. Some people learn better if they listen to something. Others prefer watching, like watching a video or TV. There is also a type of learner who prefers to interact with another to gain more information.

It is essential to know your type as a learner, and with this knowledge, you will determine the best way to learn English.

5. Monitor Your Learning Progress

What you can’t measure, you can’t improve. It is essential to know your starting point and observe every step you make. Every bit of progress you make encourages you to complete and push forward.

Also, knowing your strengths and weaknesses are essential for developing your language skills. Knowing your weaknesses will help you focus on these points and try to improve them.

6. Make Mistakes

One of the most significant barriers when learning English is the fear of making mistakes. This fear can be an obstacle to your progress. It would help if you did not worry about making mistakes.

At the beginning of learning English, you should practice with people at the same level. This will help you gain fluency, break the fear barrier, and get used to the challenge in front of anyone.

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