Top 5 Reasons to Learn English

What makes English a critical language?
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Many people try to learn English, but how can they do it effectively? Read on to find out!

What Makes English a Critical Language?

We all know that there are millions of native speakers of English all over the world. But is it worth the time and effort to learn English?

Well, let’s think about how English affects your life. Do you want more academic or professional opportunities? Do you want to explore more cultures and entertainment?

Or do you want to be able to communicate with people from all over the world?

English is an essential language for both professional and personal goals. Whether you are just starting to learn English, or need some incentives to continue, understanding the importance of communication helps you reach fluency and change your life.

Do you know?

Nearly 85% of international organizations use English as one of their working languages. Over 80% of the academic journals are written in English. But why learning English will change your life for the better?

The importance of communication in the corporate world today is undeniable. Being the most used language in the business world, English has unbeatable value.

A person with sufficient knowledge of the English language can seamlessly excel in the business world because he can transfer the technical skills he retains effectively. These language skills can help him secure better job opportunities compared to someone with only technical skills without language.

The Five Most Important Reasons Why Studying English Is so Important

1. English Is the Language of International Communication

English is the official language in 53 countries and is spoken by around 400 million people worldwide. Being able to speak English not only means that you will be able to communicate with native speakers of English, but it also means that you would interact with the majority of the world. 

By 2020, the British Council expects that two billion people will learn English. Learning English is essential because it allows you to communicate with the outside world quickly. When you study English in English schools as a foreign language, you will be friends with people from many different countries.

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Being fluent in English opens up many opportunities for you in the future.

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2. English Is the Official Language of the Business Sector

English is the dominant language in business, and people must speak English if they want to enter the business world.

Research from around the world shows that cross-border business communication is mostly in the English language and that many international companies expect employees to be fluent in English.

International companies such as Airbus, Daimler-Chrysler, Fast Retailing, Nokia, Renault, Samsung, SAP, Technicolor, and Microsoft in Beijing have committed to using English as the company’s official language. Additionally, in 2010, Rakuten obliged its 7100 Japanese employees to speak English.

Even in countries where English is not an official language, there are job benefits for people with excellent English language skills. These benefits include:

 Start with a better salary.

 Advance faster through career promotions.

 The salary rises faster.

The importance of learning English in the international market cannot be underestimated – undoubtedly, you should learn English for a better quality of life.

3. Access to an Endless Number of Entertainment Materials

Many of the world’s best movies, books, and music are published and produced in English. Therefore, by learning English, you will gain access to a vast wealth of entertainment materials and will be able to obtain a greater cultural understanding.

If you speak English, you don’t need to rely on translation and subtitles anymore to enjoy your favorite books, songs, movies, and TV shows. Watching movies and TV shows in English is also a great and fun way to learn.

4. Learning English enables you to access more resources on the Internet

According to a report by Education First, English is the language of the Internet. Nearly 565 million people use the Internet every day, and an estimated 52 % of the world’s most visited sites are displayed in English.

Learning English is essential because it gives you access to massive content on the Internet.
Knowing how to read English will provide you with access to billions of information pages that may not be available otherwise.

5. Learning English Makes You Smarter

Learning a new language like English helps your mind work in new ways. Research shows that learning a new language changes your brain structure as it affects the parts of your account responsible for memory and conscious thinking. Learning a new language can make your mind more reliable and more diverse, which improves your way of thinking.

Research also shows that language learning helps the brain stay strong and healthy in old age and helps memory, concentration, and other skills.

Plus, you can easily pass language tests.

If you want to travel to an English-speaking country for work, study, or immigration, there are some tests that you must pass to enter these countries.

One of these is TOEFL, the most popular English proficiency test. Also, there is the IELTS test, which is a requirement for entry to some countries if traveling to work or study. Some colleges or language centers offer courses to help prepare you to take these exams.

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