Are CELTA Courses the same everywhere?

The CELTA course is the same all over the world. However, there are other factors you have to take into consideration before choosing where you will take the course.
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Many people ask: Where is the best place to take the CELTA course, and does the place matter?
Is it better to take the CELTA course in an English-speaking country?
Is there any difference if you take the course in another country? Are all CELTA courses the same?

There is no doubt that if you want to be a professional English teacher, the CELTA is a great step in your career. The certificate not only improves your English teaching skills, but it will also give you the opportunity to travel abroad as it is approved worldwide. So, where is the best place to take the course? 

Are All CELTA Courses the Same?

The CELTA course itself is the same all over the world. The course offers the same quality in every country. There isn’t any difference because the course meets the same standards worldwide, follows the same syllabus, and is assessed in the same way by accredited Cambridge CELTA tutors and Cambridge English Assessors.

  1. Cambridge Assessment English, UK, accredits the course.
  2. The tutors are highly qualified and experienced.
  3. Cambridge Assessment English, UK approves the course content.
  4. The certificate is stamped by Cambridge Assessment English.

So, if you’re saying it’s the same, the place shouldn’t matter! 

I said the course itself is the same. However, there are other factors you need to take into consideration when you choose the ideal place for getting CELTA. What are these factors?

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Where to Take the CELTA Course? Factors to Consider

The Reputation of the Center

Yes, the course content is the same, but some centres have a better reputation than others. This means that you need to do your research first and read reviews about the centre to find out more about the place and the participants’ feedback. 

Thanks to the internet, we can find information about other centres.  In a few seconds, you can find reviews and feedback on nearly every course in the world.

The Condition of the Centre

Facilities vary from center to center.  So, you need to ask about the books available.  Is there a good collection of teachers’ resource books?  Are there enough course books for teaching practice?  Are the classrooms reasonably spacious and air-conditioned?  Do they have data projectors, photocopiers, printers, computers, and a dedicated room for the course participants?

Future Employment

As we said before, the certificate is the same all over the world.
This means that no one will ask you where you studied the course; they will only ask to see the official Cambridge Assessment English CELTA certificate.    


CELTA courses are the same all over the world, so check the reviews about the place. You also need to get in touch with the centre to ask about their facilities.

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