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Since 2008 and Reach Out Academy have been utterly proud to serve our local community by providing some of the most outstanding high quality products to our loyal customers. And yet we are reaching out new horizons as we join hand-in-hand with a more reliable, globalized community of the most reputable educational organization across the world that is the International House World Organization.

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It’s one small step …

Although our place regionally has been absolutely stable and robust throughout our years in the market, we decided on such a bold move to expand and become part of a larger network of international schools. Such a decision only stemmed out of our sincere commitment to our loyal customers; ensuring a far more enhanced product, highly trained teachers, top-notch customer care and standardized teaching methodology all by our new collaborative work with the International House World Organization in London (IHWO) that ascertain the delivery of our new products within optimal global quality standards monitored and maintained by the IHWO and our devoted local operational team of experts.

Our customers made the call and we delivered!

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Our customers always dream of traversing and exploring the world out there to broaden their knowledge and acquire new opportunities, however they are impeded by the limitation in distance and cost.Consequently, we aspire to assist our customers to step into the threshold of a better and bigger world. A world that we bring to our customers making it far much easier to merge and interact with.

Only when our customers get a sense of our products and our highly devoted and passionate team that they realize that their dreams are becoming more reachable. Our customers experience the world right at their doorstep embraced by a familiar traditional touch of their homeland intertwined with an international branding with all its aspects of an up-to-date quality-product and highly-maintained product delivery.

Our team joins the IHWO family

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‘It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.’ – Steve Jobs, CEO Apple inc.

A well-trained qualified teacher is our frontliner that reflects our passion towards our collective vision. As we have become part of a larger and global network of schools, we are now fully capable of strengthening our teachers’ knowledge and skills with the globally shared training programs, resources and frequent global events that address modern pedagogical topics and professional development. We ensure that our team is fully ready and well-equipped with all the necessary tools to better serve our customers in a way that is always satisfactory and fulfilling.

Our service does not end at providing language courses, but that is where the journey begins. We pave the road ahead to anyone who may be passionate towards becoming an internationally-recognized qualified teacher through dedicated training programs such as the Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults), and Cambridge DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults) as well as many more developmental programs provided exclusively by our school.  

Why choose us?

The variety of our products and our highly-skilled and qualified team are the main pillars that we rely on to provide our customers with an exquisite service that helps them thrive and advance their skills within the context of the 21st century hopes and challenges.

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Our courses can be tailored according to our customers’ needs and the skills they hope to acquire. From online courses to one-to-one private lessons, to in-person group classes, our customers are free to choose and experience all sorts of teaching approaches and different environments that best suit their needs.

Our engagement with our customers starts at the doorstep of our classrooms but doesn’t end there. We hold many educational and entertaining events not only to propagate communal activities but also to celebrate our connection with our customers that can only be described as an everlasting relationship of trust and respect.

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Welcome to the International House in Cairo!

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