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CELTA is the most widely recognized TEFL/TESOL qualification in the world. Through the course, you’ll learn effective teaching techniques
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CELTA is the most widely recognized TEFL/TESOL qualification in the world as it has many advantages that make you go for CELTA course to achieve your dream in teaching English. Through the course, you’ll learn effective teaching techniques and you’ll have practical experience. Also, you’ll have the chance to apply what you learned by teaching English language learners.  

Furthermore, the certificate is the most prestigious and well-known qualification in the world. There are many benefits you’ll get after studying this course.  

What can you do with a CELTA qualification?

Teach Abroad

If your dream is to travel abroad and experience new cultures, then the CELTA course is perfect for you. This is because you can do all that while teaching English and getting paid!

Many countries are full of people who are eager to learn English. Even in English-speaking countries, you’ll find many students from other countries like China and Brazil who want to learn English. That’s why you’ll have multiple job opportunities in teaching abroad.

Teach in a Language School

Many language schools strive for certified English teachers. And that’s because they have many students from different backgrounds and they need qualified teachers who are able to explain different topics in a simple way that all the students can understand.

Fortunately, CELTA provides you with needed skills to handle the diversity of the learners you’ll teach, and also helps you understand their minds faster.

Teach English Online

When you take the CELTA course, you open for yourself the door to many job opportunities, including online ones.

There are many companies that offer work as an English teacher online whether on their apps or websites. This helps you improve your teaching skills, helping others learn English, while also getting paid. Those are just a few of the advantages of online teaching.

And now, after you’ve known what to do with your CELTA certificate, we’ve come up with other 20 reasons why you should go for CELTA course, to make sure that you’re ready to join it!

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Become an Accredited English Teacher with the CELTA.

Take the CELTA course with us. The CELTA is highly regarded by employers around the world as it is the most highly respected of its kind in the world.

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Here Are 20 Reasons Why You Have to Get CELTA

1. CELTA course will completely change your life and will allow you to work in a high school or university anywhere you like.

2. Working in English language teaching will take you places you never thought you would visit.

3. CELTA will completely change your teaching method and it will make you look forward to getting back to work with your students to try the techniques and methodologies you’d learned on the course.

4. If you are an experienced teacher or you have never taught before, CELTA will change your career for the best as it elevates your teaching skills. 

5. Many opportunities in the Middle East.

6. Teaching qualifications are the key to being able to work and travel.

7. If you have always been interested in languages and people, CELTA will be a good move for you.

8. With CELTA, you are a desired prospective teacher to most language schools around the world. 

9. CELTA will help you become an effective teacher.

10. CELTA delivers the skills you need and has the right balance between methodology and language.

11. With CELTA, you are ready to teach after four weeks with confidence.

12. With CELTA, you can change people’s lives in so many ways, by opening educational paths and creating new job opportunities.

13. CELTA gives the teacher credibility and gives you an awareness of different teaching contexts so you would be better prepared to deal with them effectively in the classroom. 

14. With the high demand for CELTA trained teachers, you should realize that it is the best move on the way to your success.

15. There is always a high demand for CELTA trained teachers, they get chosen for jobs.

16. CELTA course can cost a bit more than others, but the benefit is huge and is well worth the investment in terms of money, time, and energy.

17. It’s much harder these days to teach English without proper qualifications.

18. Many language schools and institutions will no longer accept teachers without a CELTA.

19. There are a variety of employers in the higher education sector who need English teachers.

20. With CELTA, you will be a specialist in the field of English language teaching.

The bottom line

After reading those 20 reasons, you’ll definitely know why you should go for the CELTA course if you’re an English teacher or you’re willing to be!

Apply for the upcoming CELTA course now!

This certificate is the most sought after by employers offering English language teaching jobs abroad or in prestigious organizations.

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