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Nour Alhoda Antakli

CELTA Certified Teacher

Brief about me

I have a bachelor degree in English literature. I have been teaching English for 4 years. I am always after taking new courses that are relevant to the educational field.

What motivated you to pursue a career in English Language Teaching?
It is my passion to be a great loveable and knowledgable teacher .

What is your favorite aspect of your job?
To observe the improvement that is being achieved by students daily throughout the year.

How are our roles as teachers evolving?
When teachers keep their eyes on the new methods of teaching and try to apply them by using technology, their roles will be evolve and they will make a difference in the process of learning.

What are some of the challenges teachers face with different age groups?
It is not about age but it is about the levels and the capacity that differs from one student to another. I think some of the challenge that the teacher might face are the motivation , the resilience and the preferences of these students.

What observations have you made regarding non-native English speakers’ grammar and the influence of their mother tongue?
I have taught non-native speakers and they are fluent in speaking , however regarding grammar they don’t focus a lot on learning grammar as if it is something secondary for them.

What sets the CELTA course apart from other TEFL qualifications?
Having celta certificate helped me a lot when I moved to a new country and started looking for a new job. Actually having it has become a main condition to get a job beside other qualifications.

What were the biggest challenges you encountered, and how did you overcome them?
Teaching literature to kids and how to creat a method in which I can teach and amuse in order to attract kids attention and let them learn with love.
Another challenge was dealing with special need students.

What have you learned from your experience, and how has it affected you professionally?
I have learnt that everything is difficult at the beginning but as long as I am trying hard , I am not going to be a loser. At the end nothing is impossible .

What motivates you to keep striving for success, and what are your future aspirations and goals?
Being a successful teacher in life and somehow an idol for some motivate me to keep striving specially because of my unique story. I resumed my studying journey after 8 years of marriage and with two children and a huge amount of responsibility I could roll in university and studied the major that I admired.
My future goal is to build my own international modern school in my country and try to be unparalleled.

What advice would you give to others pursuing similar goals or aspirations?
Never lose hope and work hard. Always ask for help and don’t hesitate or feel shy. Learning doesn’t stop.

If you could start over, what would you do differently and why?
Nothing . I like my life the way it is ,and I am satisfied with all my achievement so far.

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