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Zaki El Araby

CELTA Certified Teacher

Brief about me

I've been an English teacher for ten years and previously worked in tourism. I have graduated from the faculty of arts.

What motivated you to pursue a career in English Language Teaching?
Actually, after the revolution in 2011, I was forced to search for another career, so teaching was the only thing available then, but after that, I liked it.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?
The favorite thing is how you can affect other people’s lives through teaching both adults and kids.

How are our roles as teachers evolving?
The teacher’s role is changing from one where the teacher is in control of everything that goes on in the classroom to one where the teacher shares some of the leadership with the students through the use of projects, research, group work, and pair work.

What are some of the challenges teachers face with different age groups?
Lack of experience with other cultures, especially if you traveled abroad, Lack of understanding of how to teach to diverse needs. Differences in cultural expectations and a lack of family support for the student.

What observations have you made regarding non-native English speakers’ grammar and the influence of their mother tongue?
This is one of the biggest issues because, particularly with adults, many students are affected by the grammar of their mother tongue when learning a second language.

What sets the CELTA course apart from other TEFL qualifications?
Celta is an intensive course that gives you lots of details and techniques that are not covered in other courses.

What were the biggest challenges you encountered, and how did you overcome them?
Having knowledge of different theories gives you the flexibility to adapt to students needs, and that is the biggest challenge.

What have you learned from your experience, and how has it affected you professionally?
Personally, having that amount of knowledge makes you more confident about teaching.

What motivates you to keep striving for success, and what are your future aspirations and goals?
I am willing to learn more and more, so I am intending to take Delta in the next two years.

What advice would you give to others pursuing similar goals or aspirations?
Follow your dreams, believe in yourself, and everything will be fine. I would also encourage them to have Celta
it is a splendid experience and it will help them a lot.

If you could start over, what would you do differently and why?
Well, I lost some years searching for what is suitable and available. I was hesitating for some time, which made me waste time, so I will recommend that you think and act quickly.

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