Develop Your Writing Proficiency

About the Develop Your Writing Proficiency:

The IH Cairo “Develop Your Writing Proficiency” course is designed to help you become a more accurate and fluent writer. During this course, you will learn several writing sub-skills to improve your writing, among which are: developing and organizing ideas, producing coherent and accurate written work, and proofreading and editing your work.

Course lengths and times:

This 30-hour course is available either


Face to face

Who is the course for?

Course Objectives

By the end of course the students will have:

Course Content

The course consists of 10 sessions. The areas to be covered during each session are:

Session One: Diagnostic Session

The session consists of a number of tasks and activities that would help you identify your language/writing needs, and what you need to work on.

Session Two: Sentence Structure 1

This session focuses on simple and compound sentence structures, what discourse markers could be used in them and how to punctuate them.

Session Three: Sentence Structure 2

This session focuses on complex and compound-complex sentence structures, what discourse markers could be used in them and how to punctuate them.

Session Four: Editing & Proofreading 1

The session focuses on proofreading techniques. You will learn and practice proofreading written work for errors and mistakes and learn how to edit.

Session Five: Lexical Focus

This session focuses on lexical resources such as, dictionary use, collocations, connotation, multiple meanings, prepositions, meaning in context and synonyms.

Session Six: Editing & Proofreading 2

This session is part 2 of the proofreading techniques. You will get further practice on proofreading and editing language errors and mistakes.

Session Seven: Brainstorming and Organizing ideas

You will practice different ways to effectively brainstorm ideas and how to organize them in a coherent and logical sequence.

Session Eight: Development of Ideas

This session focuses on developing ideas and supporting them using examples, reasons and subsidiary ideas.

Session Nine: Plagiarism and Citation

This session focuses on ways to avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing and using citation.

Session Ten: Production and Feedback

This session focuses on the final written production. You will produce your own writing, get feedback on your progress and what needs further practice.

This course runs for 5 weeks

By the end of the 30 hours, course participants will receive a
certificate of achievement from IH Cairo.

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