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At some point, we all wanted to broaden our horizons and expand our knowledge in a certain field. However, online courses can sometimes be unbeneficial and difficult. Especially if you aren’t fluent in English, since they use overly complicated words and phrases.

That’s why when looking for an English course related to your field or career, you should pick a platform that tackles English learning and offers you detailed and credible information.

Voxy offers its users the chance to explore and fully grasp any field they are interested in, and with its “Career-Aligned English courses”, it’s never been easier to learn. They offer courses in more than 20 professions to any user with minimum English skills.

Digital Marketing:

It consists of 42 hours of content based on different sources e.g. General Assembly, and 5 chapters/units.

This course sums up all you need to know about digital marketing from an introduction to planning a positive user experience. Through the course, the user studies social media marketing, mobile marketing, and content marketing and is provided with all the latest research and information.

The course also focuses on teaching the learner how to reach different users through different platforms and the best strategies to use in various situations.

Business English:

With constant changes in the labour market, the ever-evolving technology, and globalization, millions of people started gaining interest in the different parts of the cooperative business.

This encouraged a lot of people to work on their own startups, which spiked the number of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship worldwide.

That’s why business English is one of the most required courses worldwide since it helps improve the efficiency of the workplace and it includes all the different divisions in a company. 

Voxy’s course consists of 125 hours of content based on different research papers, workplace experiences, financial studies, and much more e.g. The Financial Times, The Telegraph, Bloomberg, etc., and 19 chapters/units.

The course has everything you might need; the syllabus includes basic meeting and web conferencing, resume and cover letters, HR, IT, and much more. By the end of this course, you will be able to fully grasp everything that happens in the workplace.

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Voxy offers online English courses for all purposes on one platform and all of the courses are available 24/7 so you can flexibly manage your time.

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Customer service:

A successful company is one with great customer service. And through the past years, we have seen companies getting a lot of backlashes when they mistreat their clients. That’s why having a good and capable customer service team is a huge asset to any firm.

Voxy’s course contains 25 hours of content based on tips and strategies on how to satisfy the customers and solve their problems. It has materials from The Telegraph and The Financial Times and it consists of 6 units/chapters.

The user goes through the basic and most important practices that ensure a positive interaction with the customer as well as the different channels of communication between the customer service and the client and how each one has its own set of rules. 

Statistics for Data Science & Business Analysis:

A big part of investing or even just trying to figure out the company’s next step is a thorough analysis of the data and understanding the numbers. This plays a huge part in decision-making and understanding everything that goes on in the company from sales to consumer trends.

Since Voxy understands the importance of statistics and business analysis, it partnered up with 365 Data Science so that the learners can start with basic statistical lessons and move upwards.

The course consists of 10 hours of content and 9 units/chapters; they go through the types of data, measures of central tendency, and other forms of data measuring and collecting.

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